Three misunderstandings that parents must know to save their children’s hearing

Cover your mouth, ask your baby who is babbling a few questions, and see if the little guy can answer correctly as usual.


With such a small action, many children with abnormal hearing were found. These children were mistaken by their parents as having no problem because they could “lip-read”.


According to a Chinese hearing aid expert, “0~7 years old is a critical period for children’s language development. During this period, parents must correctly prevent and promptly detect their children’s hearing problems, treat them as soon as possible, ensure their children’s hearing health, and discard all links. Misunderstanding of prevention and diagnosis and treatment.”


Misunderstanding XNUMX: Only do screening regardless of monitoring


“What? The child has hearing problems? How could it be possible? He had a hearing screening when he was born, it’s okay!” Facing the doctor’s diagnosis, some parents didn’t understand, thinking that the newborn hearing screening passed the test, which is equivalent to The child’s ears were covered with a red badge of permanent health.


However, it is not.Hearing Aids Made in China专家介绍,目前,新生儿听力筛查已在我国许多地方开展,但这种物理检查手段只能测出孩子当时是否有听力异常的可能,不能给出孩子是否属于听损高危人群的提示。比如药物性听损基因携带者的孩子,只要使用了庆大霉素、链霉素等氨基糖甙类药物,就很容易导致Hearing loss。除遗传因素外,药物中毒、环境噪声污染、意外事故等都可能在后天给孩子带来听力障碍。


Therefore, in addition to the newborn hearing screening, the newborn hearing loss genetic test is also an important part of hearing care. Only the hospital collects the child’s heel blood and sends it to a qualified unit for genetic testing.If the result is abnormal, it should be intervened in a targeted manner and monitored regularly.


In addition, parents should also take their children to the hospital for health care regularly, and closely observe the children’s hearing and language changes in their daily lives.Generally, babies at 3 months old will respond to strong voices, they can distinguish their mother’s voice before half a year old, they can actively turn to the sound source at 9 months old, and they will have speech awareness no later than 1 year old. Parents should respond to this. Pay attention to it. When testing your child’s hearing, you must avoid other sensations besides hearing, such as visual and tactile movements.Once an abnormality is suspected, you should go to the hospital for a hearing function test as soon as possible, and strive for early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment.


Misunderstanding XNUMX: Ear diseases are only available to otologists


“You said that my child has ear problems, why let us see a neurologist?” Some parents of deaf children questioned the process of seeing a doctor.In fact, ear diseases need not only treatment by ear specialists. For example, the intellectual abnormalities of some hearing-impaired children may also be related to brain development. It needs to be checked by relevant departments to clarify the treatment plan and achieve the best treatment effect. “Multidisciplinary collaborative treatment will benefit patients.”


Misunderstanding XNUMX: Cochlear implantation is healing

Cochlear implants are currently an effective method for hearing reconstruction for children with severe and severe hearing loss. However, the cost of equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars has discouraged many parents, and those parents who have copied their families to perform operations on their children are full of expectations for the results. I thought that as long as it was implanted, it was healed, and the child would be able to hear and speak like a normal person.In this regard, parents should have a scientific understanding of the efficacy of the operation.


Data show that cochlear implants have been introduced in my country for nearly 20 years, and a large number of hearing-impaired patients have opened up the world of sound through this operation.However, some parents, after seeing too many cases with obvious rehabilitation effects, have too high expectations for cochlear implants.In fact, not all patients with cochlear implants can obtain the same postoperative results. The curative effect of surgery is closely related to the patient’s own condition, the performance of the cochlear implant, the operation status, and postoperative rehabilitation training.In order to achieve a good hearing and speech rehabilitation effect, persistent rehabilitation training after the operation is essential. At the same time, the rehabilitation training effect should be regularly evaluated and adjusted appropriately to achieve the maximum rehabilitation effect.


The most terrible misunderstanding: It is embarrassing to wear hearing aids

“Do you think myopia is a disability? Will you cast a strange look at a person wearing glasses? Certainly not, then why do you feel that it is embarrassing to wear hearing aids?” Situation, all symptoms indicate that the child is very suitable for wearing hearing aids, and there is no financial problem at home. However, parents just can’t accept adding something to their children’s ears. They would rather not hear them in the future. At least others will not see any abnormalities. Willing to be discriminated against at first sight for wearing hearing aids.


However, from the perspective of speech development, the earlier the cochlear implantation, the better, and the installation of hearing aids is like a pair of glasses for the ears, which is not ashamed at all, but will greatly improve the child’s quality of life.At the same time, I also appeal to the society to treat hearing impaired patients the same as myopia. They have no disability, but their hearing is a little worse, just like your eyesight is not good.

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