If the auditory nerve is damaged, can it regenerate?

If the auditory nerve is damaged, can it regenerate?

      Sound damage to hearing is mainly divided into two categories: one is sudden loud noise, such as setting off firecrackers; the other is chronic noise, working under high noise for a long time, the hearing is unknowingly hurt.

      Stress is likely to cause sudden deafness, which is a type of neurological deafness. It is usually caused by sudden loss of hearing in one ear. It may be accompanied by tinnitus and ear fullness.Pathogenesis: Stress, fatigue, emotional agitation, viral infection and other factors lead to increased body adrenaline secretion, spasm and contraction of small arteries in the inner ear microcirculation, resulting in inner ear ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in inner ear disease, and damage to the sensory part of the inner ear , Causing hearing loss.

      In life, you must protect your body, do not do some very irritating behaviors, and do not eat some messy foods, pay attention to develop good living habits, and do not eat some foods containing preservatives.

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