Tinnitus is no longer the “patent” of the elderly, young people are also troubled

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExpert introduction: There is mention of ear disease. Many people think it is a senile disease. However, in modern life, due to uncontrolled surfing on the Internet, long-term staying up late, heavy drinking and smoking, excessive fatigue at work, etc., lack of sleep and human body The various physical discomforts caused by the disorder of the biological clock rhythm have caused many people to overdraw a lot of energy and physical energy.According to statistics from relevant departments, tinnitus has become a modern common disease, and it is getting younger and younger.Why are so many young people prone to tinnitus?After the expert’s diagnosis, many of these white-collar tinnitus patients are not pathological tinnitus, which is mainly caused by excessive work pressure and high mental stress for a long time.


Ye Qing is an employee of a foreign company. Because of his passion for dancing, he has to dance at least 80 decibels for more than 3 hours at least three days a week.Over time, her ears kept ringing. -She didn’t care at first, and the ballroom was still pictured correctly. However, the tinnitus sound developed from the initial buzzing to violent noises, and the huge tinnitus had been “noisy” and she was upset.As a result, she cannot sleep at night and her sleep quality is extremely poor, which led to an extreme decline in her work status the next day, which directly affected her life and work.

For this situation, experts believe that tinnitus is generally divided into four levels. This lady has only mild tinnitus at the beginning, and the initial symptoms are intermittent, or only mild tinnitus at night or in a quiet environment.Later, due to carelessness, it developed to moderate tinnitus. Its main symptom was persistent tinnitus, and tinnitus was still felt in a noisy environment.Finally, due to the constant high-noise environment, her tinnitus has developed into severe tinnitus. The symptom is persistent tinnitus, which seriously affects hearing, mood, sleep, work and social activities.If it is not noticed, it may develop into extremely severe tinnitus. Its main symptom is long-term persistent tinnitus, and it is difficult to bear the extreme pain caused by tinnitus.At that time, the pain of tinnitus is unbearable, and even the thought of suicide may occur.


If your tinnitus disappears automatically in 1-2 days, you don’t need to be nervous, just pay more attention to rest, but if it is persistent tinnitus, you can’t ignore its existence.The causes of tinnitus are complicated and difficult to judge, and they are quite harmful. In severe cases, they can also lead to deafness. Early examination can avoid the occurrence of tragedies.

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