Healthy eating can prevent tinnitus in the elderly

Many people think that it is normal for the elderly to have organ degeneration, deafness and tinnitus, and there is no effective way to prevent and treat them.The Chinese Hearing Aid pointed out that through daily dietary conditioning, it is of great help to the prevention of tinnitus in the elderly.So, how to prevent tinnitus in the elderly through diet? Below,Hearing Aids Made in ChinaLet me introduce it in detail.


XNUMX. Eat less foods that are sweet, too salty, too much cholesterol, and too little fiber:

These foods can cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and promote inner ear vascular disease and accelerate the progress of tinnitus and deafness in the elderly.


XNUMX. Appropriate intake of foods containing more vitamin D:

Vitamin D can promote the body’s absorption and utilization of calcium. A survey in the United States found that people with presbycusis have symptoms of hypocalcemia, and hypocalcemia is related to the lack of vitamin D.Animal liver, eggs, mushrooms, and white fungus contain more vitamin D.


XNUMX. Eat more foods that have the effect of invigorating blood:

Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can dilate blood vessels, improve blood viscosity, and help maintain the normal microcirculation of small blood vessels in the ears.Can often eat black fungus, leeks, red wine, yellow wine and so on.


XNUMX. Eat more vegetables and hard dried fruits rich in vitamin CE:

Vitamin CE can improve the effect of superoxide dismutase, increase the human body’s utilization of oxygen, improve peripheral blood flow, and protect the inner ear.Fresh green leafy vegetables contain more vitamin C, black sesame, vegetable oil, walnuts, peanuts, etc. contain more vitamin E.Recommended reading: Which hospital is good for treating deafness and tinnitus in Guangzhou


How to prevent tinnitus in the elderly through diet? I believe that through the introduction of the above Chinese hearing aids on the prevention of tinnitus in the elderly, everyone has already understood.Families should pay attention to the daily diet of the elderly, which is of great help to the prevention and treatment of diseases and the enhancement of body resistance. I wish everyone an early recovery!

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