Tips to protect your ears when flying

Many people complain that when flying up or down, they always feel uncomfortable in their ears, and even more painful.Is there any way to solve this problem? Made in China Hearing aid Let me tell you carefully…


XNUMX. Reasons


There is a channel inside the ear called the Eustachian tube.As the name suggests, it is a tube connecting the nasopharynx and the tympanic membrane.There is air inside and outside the tympanic membrane. Under normal circumstances, the air pressure on both sides should be equal.In normal times, the Eustachian tube is closed, but it is opened during swallowing, chewing, yawning and other actions to regulate the balance of internal and external air pressure.


Junior high school physics once said that the higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure.Therefore, the air pressure will change sharply during the rapid ascent and descent of the aircraft.Our external auditory canal is connected to the external air pressure, but the air pressure in the internal auditory canal cannot change rapidly, resulting in unequal internal and external air pressure, which oppresses the tympanic membrane and produces symptoms such as ear fullness and pain.


 Second, the solution


How to deal with it?It’s simple, balance the internal and external pressures!If you feel uncomfortable in your ears while flying, swallow, chew, and yawn.In this way, the Eustachian tube can be opened, allowing outside air to enter, and adjusting the internal and external air pressure balance. (For a baby, you can let him drink milk or hold a pacifier to encourage him to swallow.)


If these actions are useless, you can try the eustachian tube inflation method.


Inhale first, then pinch your nose, close your mouth, and exhale slowly to achieve the effect of flushing the Eustachian tube.But be careful, don’t use too much force, and don’t take too long.If you have a severe cold, sinusitis, or otitis media, even if you do the above actions, it is sometimes difficult to make it rush away. Please follow your doctor’s advice and avoid flying if necessary.


Have you learned the simple way to protect your ears when an airplane takes off?

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