Protect children’s hearing from prenatal education

    Medical research has proved that music prenatal education can increase the number of fetal brain neurons, dense dendrites, increase the number of synapses, and even connect unrelated brain neurons with each other.Medical research also shows that the fetus in the womb is most suitable to listen to mid- and low-frequency tones, while male voices and singing are dominated by mid- and low-frequency tones.Therefore, Dad is the best teacher in music prenatal education.

There are many ways of music prenatal education:

Music edification method and humming resonance method.The music edification method refers to playing and listening to light music, filling the life of pregnancy with beautiful music, so that the pregnant woman’s spirit is happy, and the mood is comfortable; Listen quietly to achieve resonance with fetal heart sounds.

Father teaches son to “sing” method.The father can stroke the mother’s abdomen, facing the fetus in it, repeatedly softly “teaching” some simple scales or children’s songs.

Prenatal education device voice method.Starting from around 22 weeks of pregnancy, under the guidance of a doctor, use appropriate prenatal education devices and prenatal education music for music prenatal education.

made in China Hearing aid Expert advice: In order to prevent high-frequency sounds from damaging the fetus’s hearing, please pay attention to the following points when conducting music prenatal education:

Minimize the noise of the tape or use no microphone

It is best to ask a professional to help you choose a tape.To ensure the quality of the tape.

The listening time should not be too long each time.


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