Elderly auditory rehabilitation solutions

Elderly auditory rehabilitation is through diagnosis and identificationHearing loss, To provide various types of solutions for the elderly with hearing impairment, using different amplification devices to help the hearing impaired in the process of improving the auditory function.Elderly auditory rehabilitation is often defined as through various methods

(Consultation, guidance and training) Reduce the negative impact of hearing loss on the function, social activities and quality of life of the hearing impaired, so that they can return to society.The elderly auditory rehabilitation not only refers to the hearing loss and adapts them to the surrounding environment, but also refers to the adjustment of the surrounding environment and social conditions so that they can return to society.The auditory rehabilitation of the elderly mainly focuses on the following aspects:

      Hearing aid : Provide common sense on the use and maintenance of hearing aids to the hearing impaired and their families to improve communication.

     Cochlear implant: To help cochlear implanters get the most benefit from the cochlear implant.

     Listening skills: teach the hearing impaired practical listening skills (whether wearing or not Hearing aid ) To improve communication.

     Talking (lip-reading): Teach the hearing impaired to understand communication by observing mouth shapes, facial expressions, and gestures.

     Consultation: Provide valuable information about the auditory system knowledge, hearing loss and its impact on the quality of life, the importance of visual aids and reading (lip reading) to hearing rehabilitation for the hearing impaired, and know the scientific and systematic knowledge of the hearing impaired Rehabilitation.

     Auditory training: teach and train the hearing impaired to recognize speech, vocabulary, grammar or sentences through hearing.

Hearing rehabilitation originated in the Second World War. A large number of soldiers suffered hearing loss due to the war. In order to improve the lives of soldiers,

Live quality, auditory rehabilitation is booming.Since then, the audiologist’s work focused on reading (lip-reading) and hearing training, and selecting the most primitive for the soldiers Hearing aid Nowadays, hearing rehabilitation includes hearing assessment, intervention of hearing aids and other hearing aid devices, as well as pre- and post-intervention consultation work, speaking (lip-reading) technology and listening skills training.

The purpose of hearing and speech rehabilitation for the elderly is to reduce the negative impact of hearing impairment on the hearing impaired person, his family, friends and related personnel.The key to the success of auditory speech rehabilitation is that audiologists focus on the quality of life of the hearing impaired, not just the hearing impairment.

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