What are the testing standards for hearing aids?

Internationally,  Hearing aid  There are many testing standards for electroacoustic and electrical characteristics, such as the IEC118 series standards issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the American ANSI S 3.22-1987 standard, and the Japanese JIS C 5512-1986 standard.Most countries adopt the IEC118 series of standards, and my country also adopts the IEC118 series of standards.

 118. The IECXNUMX series of standards have the following standards:






two.Other related standards

In addition, my country has the following hearing aid related standards:

1. GB6660-1986 Hearing aids and related equipment symbols and signs.

2. The nipple connector of the GB6661-1986 plug-in earphone.

At present, there is no industry standard for the specific performance indicators of hearing aids in the world, and each enterprise needs to customize the enterprise standard for the product (my country is now called the medical device registration product standard).

In addition, the above-mentioned hearing aid standards were formulated earlier. At that time, all-digital hearing aids had not yet come out. These standards are no longer fully applicable to all-digital hearing aids with functions such as wide dynamic compression and noise suppression. Hearing aid , Because the sweeping pure tone or broadband noise applicable to analog line hearing aids may be suppressed as noise for all-digital hearing aids, thereby affecting the accuracy of the test results.If you need to accurately measure all numbers Hearing aid , You can turn off some functions in the all-digital hearing aid to become an analog hearing aid, and then measure it with the current measurement method.At present, there are also some test systems that use modulated broadband signals to test digital machines.

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