The changing trend of the real-ear coupling cavity difference of children wearing hearing aids of different ages

Researchers from the Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Hearing Center/Laboratory of Auditory Speech Science, West China Hospital of Sichuan University published a paper aimed at exploring different ages  Hearing aid  The change trend of real ear to coupler difference (RECD) for wearing children.Studies have pointed out that RECD is helpful to individualized debugging of children’s hearing aids. Generally, RECD test should be performed at least once every two years, and binaural test should be performed.This article was published in the 2014 issue of “Journal of Audiology and Speech Diseases”.


With the increase of age, except for the left ear of the <1 year old group and the 2 year old group, the mean RECD of the same side ear of children of different ages showed a decreasing trend, and the difference was statistically significant when the difference was ≥2 years old; except for the 2 year old group, The difference in the average RECD of the left and right ears of the same age group was statistically significant.

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