The practical application of RIC hearing aids

How to meet the biggest matching challenge for hearing care professionals  Hearing aid  Wearers have high expectations, and they are constantly seeking modern technologies to improve speech intelligibility and listening comfort in noisy environments.Studies have shown that users expect hearing aids to be simple and effective to use, beautiful, comfortable to wear, and able to work stably for a long time.

In recent years, the newly emerging in-ear receiver RIC technology and a series of innovative automatic technologies have combined to meet these needs.In-ear receiver technology can provide options for a wider range of hearing loss without feedback and ear plugging. Behavioral studies have shown that this technology has significant acceptance in real life.

RIC Hearing Aid-the practical application of in-ear receiver technology:

1) Fitting range

At present, almost all in-ear receivers and hearing aids on the market are based on the traditional open ear design, so the power is not high, and it is suitable for patients with mild to severe (high frequency) hearing loss and obvious ear plugging effect.

2) Receiver selection and replacement 

Because the receiver is separated from the microphone and amplifier, it is easy to replace. The most suitable receiver earplug can be selected according to the shape and size of the individual auricle and ear canal.The connection and disassembly of the receiver are also very easy. Simply turn the connector counterclockwise (with a noticeable ticking sound) to disassemble it.Take a new receiver and turn it clockwise (with a noticeable ticking sound), and it’s connected.Exempting the time and mailing cost of sending the manufacturer to repair, users also get faster service.

3) Description of frequency response algorithm 

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