Talking about hearing aids and cochlear implants

Hearing aids and cochlear implants have both similarities and differences. The same is that both can be called hearing aids. They both use special electronic circuits to convert external sound signals into electrical signals, and then convert them. It is a sound signal acceptable to the human body.

The difference is,  Hearing aid  It is a kind of amplifier that can fully amplify the external signal and pass it into the ear canal of the hearing impaired, through the middle ear, and then into the inner ear auditory receptors, so that the hearing impaired can hear this “amplified” sound.Hearing aids are suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.However, due to the different types and quality of hearing aids, the sound signal amplification effect is also different, that is, the “fidelity” of the sound signal is different.The hearing impaired will sound differently.

Cochlear implants are suitable for people with severe hearing impairment, that is, those who cannot be helped by hearing aids.Cochlear implants are divided into two parts: an external device and a device implanted in the body.The external devices are divided into speech processors, directional microphones and transmission devices. The implanted devices include electrode series and stimulation devices.The device implanted in the body can bypass the damaged cochlea and directly stimulate the auditory nerve so that the patient can regain hearing. 

Whether it is wearing a hearing aid or implanting a cochlear implant, it has to go through a certain period of adaptation.Especially for cochlear implants, the fineness of the cochlear structure is very different from that of a healthy human cochlea, so the sound felt is somewhat different from natural sounds.It takes a long time. The post-linguistic deaf people have to go through several months of rehabilitation training, while the pre-linguistic deaf people (children) have to go through 2-3 years of language rehabilitation to achieve a more ideal effect.

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