The necessity for hearing aids to be fitted by professional fitters

“Fitting” refers to choosing a suitable one for one’s hearing under the guidance of professional and technical personnel Hearing aid .Like glasses, hearing aids are another device that requires “fitting” in human physiological functions.

The necessity for hearing aids to be fitted by a professional fitter:

First of all, because people’s hearing impairments vary greatly.Take the elderly hearing loss as an example: different types of hearing loss, different levels of hearing loss, tinnitus, fear of loudness, and hearing discrimination ability, etc., lead to different hearing loss.And different hearing loss needs different Hearing aid .In fact, even if it is a hearing impairment of the same nature and degree, everyone’s feelings may be different.These differences may be related to living habits, work environment, subjective affordability, etc.The requirements for hearing aids are of course different for different feelings.

Secondly,  Hearing aid  There are many brands and models of its own. For users, which one is more suitable for their actual needs is a very professional problem that users cannot solve by themselves. Professionals can only choose on their behalf.For example, how should patients with severe hearing loss and allergy to loud sounds choose hearing aids?Emphasizing amplification, they will find the sound unbearable; emphasizing strong sound compression will cause the signal sound to be unreal and clear. How to solve this kind of contradiction is one of the important tasks of hearing aid fittings.The best hearing aid effect can only be achieved if the user’s hearing condition is fully consistent with the performance of the selected hearing aid. 

So, what are the consequences if you don’t go through the professional fitting of a professional hearing aid or buy one at random when choosing a hearing aid?The answer is obviously no, because improper wearing of hearing aids is harmful and unhelpful.Everyone’s hearing condition is different, and the requirements for hearing compensation are also different.If you choose an unsuitable hearing aid, you may not be able to provide adequate hearing compensation for the hearing loss.What is more noteworthy is that if the sound from the hearing aid is too loud, it may damage the residual hearing, further aggravate the hearing loss, and may even damage the auditory nerve.In view of this, hearing aids must be fitted by professionals before they can be worn safely, and only after correct fitting can the role of hearing aids be brought into full play.

The US “Consumer Reports” puts forward XNUMX suggestions for consumers on how to buy hearing aids: these suggestions mainly involve how to choose a qualified hearing aid store or an inspector, such as requiring an inspector to issue a qualification certificate and a training certificate. Hearing aid stores provide sales qualifications and service content, etc.; at the same time, it is also recommended to give new hearing aids a suitable adaptation period; try to fully understand the knowledge of hearing aids; accept comprehensive and detailed hearing aid fitting tests and evaluations, including real ear test verification, etc. and cooperate with hearing aids A series of follow-ups after fitting.

As a new profession recently recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Personnel in my country, hearing aid fitters in China are formulating new vocational education, training and assessment standards. This move will greatly improve the overall level of my country’s hearing aid industry, standardize industry behavior, and ensure consumers Benefit.

Hearing aids are Class II medical devices. In order to ensure the quality of hearing aid fittings, you must go to a qualified professional hearing service center for “fitting”!

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