Four elements for children to choose hearing aids

Young children are in the stage of hearing and speech development, and hearing impairment often causes speech impairment.If suitable early Hearing aid , Through listening and language training, you can be able to listen and speak, return to the mainstream society, and become a useful material for society.


As far as the current medical level is concerned, in addition to various conductive hearing impairments that can be treated in a timely manner in the hospital, the sensorineural impairment caused by various reasonsHearing loss, And there is no ideal and effective treatment plan for children with speech development disorders caused by this. Therefore, it must be selected as soon as possible Hearing aid , So as not to delay children’s language learning opportunities.What I should tell you is that hearing aids are also like glasses. You can’t just buy one at the store, but you need to ask a specialist to fit them according to the extent of your child’s hearing loss.Let me talk to you about this knowledge.

XNUMX. How to choose a hearing aid from the style?

Individually worn  Hearing aid  According to the conduction mode of the amplified sound, it can be divided into two types: air conduction hearing aids and bone conduction hearing aids.Among them, air conduction hearing aids are the most commonly used. They use earplugs or specially made ear molds to conduct sound through the external auditory canal to the middle ear.Air conduction hearing aids can be divided into behind-the-ear type, box type, in-ear type, glasses type and so on.Toddlers are best to choose two types of hearing aids: behind-the-ear hearing aids and box-type hearing aids.Behind-the-ear hearing aids are ear-level hearing aids, which are closer to the physiological state than box-type hearing aids. The position of distinguishing sound is better than that of box-type. It is convenient to wear and easy to fix. The wire is not convenient when it is moved after being worn, and the wire is easily damaged.

XNUMX. How to choose a hearing aid from the price?
At present, there are imported and domestic hearing aids on the market, and the prices are different. The high price is equivalent to the price of a color TV, and the low price only costs a few hundred yuan.Is the more expensive hearing aid the better?


of course not.From the doctor’s point of view, hearing aids suitable for children are the best hearing aids. This requires doctors to carefully select and match them according to the specific conditions of hearing loss. It is a meticulous, patient, and highly technical thing, especially in the current market competition. Under intense circumstances, hearing aids are purchased in different ways, and the price gap is also very large. Therefore, the price is by no means the only criterion for choosing a hearing aid.

XNUMX. How to choose a hearing aid from the power?

The so-called hearing aid power refers to the ability of the hearing aid to amplify the sound.Hearing aids of different power are suitable for patients with different degrees of hearing loss, which is the key to choosing hearing aids.




The significance of wearing hearing aids for children is different from that for the elderly. It is not only necessary to amplify the environmental sound and speech, but more importantly, to listen to the voice clearly and learn the language through the hearing aids. The specific requirements should be stricter than that of the elderly.If children choose hearing aids, the volume switch cannot be turned on to the maximum position. Otherwise, although the sound is amplified enough, the unwanted noise will also enter a lot, which will affect their learning. The volume switch is placed at 1/2 or 1 /3 is more appropriate.If the power of the hearing aid is too small, it cannot achieve the function of hearing compensation; if the power of the hearing aid is too high, it may cause sound damage to the inner ear.Therefore, for children to choose hearing aids, it is better to leave some room for power selection.


XNUMX. How to choose hearing aids based on performance?

In addition to the volume switch knob, hearing aids also have tone adjustment and maximum sound output adjustment.In addition to the volume switch that can be adjusted by the child and the parent, the tone and maximum output adjustment buttons should be adjusted by a specialist doctor or teacher according to the child’s hearing loss status, and the child and the parent should not adjust it at will.


The frequency range of normal human ears is very wide, about 20~20000 Hz, but the frequency range of human speech is not so wide, only between 250~5000 Hz.Hearing aids also expand the sound frequency range in between.Because each child has a different frequency of hearing loss, most of them have severe high-frequency loss and lighter low-frequency loss; but there are also people with level hearing loss, with average high, medium, and low-key hearing loss; some have severe low-frequency loss, Low frequency loss.The doctor can adjust the tone adjustment buttons (high, low, middle tone H, L, N) according to the hearing loss graph, so that the child can get a more ideal hearing compensation.


When a child wears a hearing aid, sometimes the following situation occurs: the sound is not heard when the sound is small, the sound is loud and afraid of noisy, and even causes crying and discomfort, so that they refuse to wear the hearing aid.This is caused by the rejuvenation of the inner ear, which is a state of sensitivity to sound that has increased to a certain intensity.For this reason, some hearing aids are specially equipped with automatic peak clipping and automatic gain (AGC) devices.Automatic peak clipping is to cut off the sound that you do not want to raise. For example, if the low frequency is too strong, you can cut the low frequency sound to make the sound you hear more suitable; automatic gain is the sound expansion, which is not infinite. A certain intensity will automatically attenuate.These features can make hearing aids more suitable for children, and more conducive to the wearer’s language learning.


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