Spare eardrums-the little secret of an optician

Hearing aids are a combination of acoustics and electricity, a complex art.A properly fitted  Hearing aid  Can bring great improvement to users’ lives.For an optician, our work is more to help users listen—not just to hear “sometimes”, but to be able to hear and listen well all the time.But sometimes the user’s hearing aid goes on strike, and it often takes a long time to send it back to the factory for repair.How to deal with the “despair” emotions of users when they don’t have hearing aids to wear?

A spare eardrum-this is the easiest and most convenient way to deal with it.When the user’s hearing aid is returned to the factory for repair, the user can borrow the BTE device for temporary use.As long as a proper eardrum is used, the BTE machine can ensure its proper function.

Maybe you should say “Oh, what if the user accidentally breaks the BTE device.” “You have to readjust it again. Hearing aid , The effect is not necessarily good. “But think about it, if your users are planning a two-week vacation for Meimei, but they are troubled because they don’t have hearing aids. A spare BTE machine and eardrums may calm the user’s irritated “repair” emotions.

A spare eardrum has another great benefit.When your users have become accustomed to and recognized your professional services.It’s time to recommend better performance hearing aid products to them.At this time, a spare eardrum plus a new style Hearing aid , You can ensure that users get the best listening experience.

The speaker-in-ear product has won the hearts of many users with its compactness and beauty.However, this product may not be the most suitable for users who require more broadband compensation and higher noise cancellation requirements.At this time, if the user is asked to try on a hearing aid that provides better broadband compensation and noise cancellation, choose A or B, and the user will know more.It can also avoid future disputes.

There is another benefit of spare eardrums.What happens if the hearing aid is returned to the factory for repair?It needs to be inspected and repaired again and again.When the repair time is greatly extended, and exceeds your promise to the user.Then, at this time, you will find how useful a spare hearing aid and eardrum can be!

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