A hearing aid that will not end

As the TV version and the movie version of “Why Shengxiaomo” are released, the topic of “not going to end” has once again become a hot topic.Dozens of TV dramas and two-hour movies may not be able to tell the story thoroughly, but the “nothing will happen” almost fills up every controversial topic in people’s life.Indeed, the world is so big and almost the same, but in fact it is much worse.Come and see one Hearing aid How to create a brand attitude of “no-will”.

“I’m afraid of answering the phone. When the phone rang, I sometimes couldn’t hear the phone clearly while wearing the existing hearing aid, and often asked the other party to repeat it, which was sometimes embarrassing.” Xiaolin said in an interview.

Many hearing-impaired people have become accustomed to the inability to hear when answering the phone, and think there is no way to change anything, so just listen.However, after research and development made in China and breakthroughs, the new E-platform (Elink) hearing aids with excellent wireless mutual transmission and binaural synchronization functions launched globally in April this year changed this embarrassing situation.Behind a good hearing aid is the perseverance of a team. It is the “unsatisfactory” of the Chinese hearing aid team that makes today’s E platform (Elink). Hearing aid .

    They said they couldn’t hear clearly what to do and use it

I said it’s almost a lot worse

Sound is heard with ears but life is not

There is an attitude called not just

There is a kind of life

They said don’t want to change the world, just mix up the work

I said it’s almost a lot worse

You don’t know where the way forward is but don’t stop exploring

There is a team called Chinese Producer

    There is a kind of job

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