Will all-digital hearing aids consume more power?

       With digital signal processing technology in Hearing aid Widely used in the industry, hearing aids have entered the digital age from the age of analog machines.All-digital hearing aids have better hearing compensation effects than analog hearing aids, and are deeply loved by the hearing impaired.However, the more powerful hearing aids often have high requirements on current and voltage when used, and must be above a specific current and voltage value when used.This is because hearing aids amplify the sound while also performing various processes on the sound, detecting and automatically converting environmental noise, etc., all of which increase the battery consumption of the hearing aid.Below we will briefly compare all-digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids.


In addition, from the point of view of the working process, as the battery power is consumed, the output sound of the analog hearing aid gradually decreases until the battery is exhausted, and its use time can generally be more than one week.The all-digital hearing aid has a low-battery detection system. When the battery is lower than a certain voltage, it will sound and stop working, but the battery will generally not be exhausted, and there is residual voltage. The use time is about a week, but not It will be less than 3 days.

 The use of all-digital hearing aids is far better than analog Hearing aid , The sound is real and full, the noise is not as harsh as analog hearing aids, and it has a certain protective effect on the hearing of the ears. Fundamentally speaking, there are many benefits to using all-digital hearing aids.Therefore, we should correctly recognize the real reason for the power consumption of digital hearing aids.When choosing a battery, choose a battery with a relatively stable voltage as much as possible, so as not to cause too much damage to the hearing aid.

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