Systemic diseases that can cause deafness

You may not know that deafness is not only related to the ears, but may also be related to many systemic diseases of the human body.Now, I will introduce you to several systemic diseases that may cause deafness——

(1) Hypertension and arteriosclerosis: are the most common deafness-causing systemic diseases today. The mechanism of deafness may be related to the blood supply disorder of the inner ear, the increase of blood viscosity, and the disorder of lipid metabolism in the ear.

(2) Hereditary nephritis, all kinds of kidney diseases, dialysis and kidney transplantation patients often have hearing impairment: the mechanism is not very clear, it may be related to the imbalance of inner ear fluid permeability caused by hyponatremia, blood uremia and creatinine increase, low Blood pressure is related to a combination of factors such as microcirculation disorder, immune response, etc. in vivo and in vitro.

(3) Diabetic microvascular disease: This kind of disease can spread to the cochlear blood vessels, narrow the lumen and cause blood supply disorders.

(4) Primary and secondary neuropathy: because it can affect spiral ganglion cells, spiral nerve fibers, Ⅷ cranial nerves, auditory neurons at all levels in the brainstem, and the auditory center of the brain and cause them to undergo degeneration. To.

(5) Hypothyroidism: Deafness is extremely common in patients with endemic cretinism, due to the lack of thyroid hormones during the development of the fetal ear structure due to severe iodine deficiency.

In addition to the above common systemic diseases, many diseases such as leukemia, polycythemia, sickle cell anemia, macroglobulinemia, and sarcoidosis can cause deafness.Therefore, caring for hearing health requires more attention to health of the whole body.

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