Can hearing aids and glasses be worn together

My child has bad ears and needs to be worn Hearing aid , And he is also highly nearsighted (left eye800, Right eye900), I know that wearing glasses improperly will increase the degree. I wonder if BTE hearing aids can be worn with glasses?Actually the child has already worn it2Every month, the temples are raised a little, and the lenses are already heavy, all pressed on the bridge of the nose.It feels heavier now, of course the discomfort is not serious.Xiao Wang said.

In fact, there are not many people like Xiao Wang’s children who have bad ears and eyes and are short-sighted. So how should this group wear hearing aids and glasses?

According to Chinese experts, children with both visual and hearing impairment usually have to wear glasses and Hearing aid .When children need to wear glasses and hearing aids for sensory development, their small ears do not have enough space to accommodate these devices. Experts provide you with the following suggestions on this issue:

Make sure the hearing aid matches the glasses

If your child wears glasses before the hearing aid is fitted, then you must inform the audiologist of this situation.Although hearing aids are not as easy to adjust as glasses, it is important to let everyone understand the difficulties your child is facing.

Once your child wears the audio-visual equipment, you should take her to the optician to check the fit of the frame.Similarly, if your child has worn Hearing aid , Then you have to make sure that your child is wearing a hearing aid when choosing a frame.

Children sometimes need longer or straighter temples so that the equipment behind the ears will not get tangled.You must ensure the comfort of your child’s glasses, because the development of the child’s senses requires the help of hearing aids and glasses.

For children with glasses and hearing aids at the same time, they may feel uncomfortable at the beginning.Whether it is glasses or hearing aids, they all change children’s understanding of the world and provide children with a lot of informationAdditional vision and hearing.But if your child is fitted with two devices at the same time, it may bring her an excessive burden.

For some children, there is no problem in fitting two devices at the same time.But for other children, perhaps only one device can be fitted at a time.Think about where your child’s defects are more serious. At the beginning, you only need to focus on this area, and the effect may be better.

Or, think about which senses are the most important for engaging in a certain activity.If your child intends to read, paint, draw, or play a visual game, he needs glasses to help.

If your child intends to play with other people, practice speaking, and learn to sing, then hearing aids may be more important to her.According to the child’s patience, allow the child to process new information at his own pace.

Let your child rest

I am wearing glasses and a hearing aidAt night, my ears feel sore.Please believe me, this is the truth!Sometimes, your child may take off his glasses or hearing aids. This is a way of her expression.In this way, she will tell you:Now that I have received enough information, I want to give my brain a break.I agree with this; a short period of relaxation will not do any harm.After a short break, your child may be more willing to wear these devices.

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