3 tips for hearing aid experts

Question 1: The child is too young, is it unsuitable to wear Hearing aid ?

No, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible if a child is hearing impaired. If a child is hearing impaired, his language development and learning will be hindered, and the impact will be far-reaching.So the sooner you wear it for your child Hearing aid , Properly amplify the sound and provide sufficient auditory stimulation, the more helpful it is to the child’s future development.

Question 2: When a child first wears a hearing aid, he needs to adapt and get used to it slowly. What should parents pay attention to?

a Pay more attention to the child’s reaction to the sound

b Frequently check whether the hearing aids and ear molds are placed in the correct position

c Check the battery daily and simply test the function of the hearing aid

d According to the needs of the child’s growth, replace the appropriate ear molds regularly to ensure that the hearing aids can perform best

e If you find that your child feels uncomfortable when wearing hearing aids, causing skin allergies, redness, or resistance, please seek help from an audiologist or otolaryngologist as soon as possible

Question 3: Why does my voice sound strange when I put on the hearing aid?

 Some hearing aid users feel that they will have an echoing feeling when they speak. This is called the “ear-plug effect.”Under normal circumstances, when your speaking ears are not blocked, you can hear your own voice through the conduction of the air and the vibration of the skull.However, when your ears are plugged, the conduction of air decreases and the sensation of the skull increases.You can try it. When you are speaking, block and release your ears at the same time. Pay attention to whether the frequency and volume of the sound change when the sound is blocked.Most users can adapt and it is not a problem, but for others, the following steps can help them adapt:

a Keep the pores of the hearing aid open

b Reduce the gain of the low frequency

c In order to get closer to the bones, use ear molds deeper into the ear canal (to reduce vibration)

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