What you need to know about choosing hearing aids for children

Hearing aid Almost all deaf people can benefit, especially deaf children in the developmental stage of hearing, language, intelligence, etc. If they can wear suitable Hearing aid , And carry out hearing and language training, can restore the hearing and speech function as far as possible, and return to the mainstream society.However, lack of language and inability to cooperate are common features of deaf children, and they cannot make subjective assessments of hearing aid effects.Therefore, the fitting of hearing aids for deaf children is more difficult and longer than that of adult deaf patients. It requires the cooperation of ear doctors, audiologists, parents or teachers of deaf children to follow the procedures for fitting hearing aids, so that deaf children can get the best assistance. Listen to the effect.

After a child wears a hearing aid, since he cannot express his feelings in words and is unfamiliar with the language, he cannot recognize various signals. Therefore, parents are very concerned about the effect of hearing aids on the child.First of all, let the child have an adaptation period.Many children don’t want to wear it and throw it on the ground. You must give them 10-20 days to adapt and be willing to wear it.After training during the adaptation period, it is easier to observe the effects of hearing aids. The commonly used methods are:

(1) Gradually increase the wearing time. It is better to wear it from irregular to all day, and it can be taken off when sleeping.

(2) Let the child learn to raise the hand when hearing the sound, it becomes easier to evaluate the hearing aid after wearing.

(3) Use toys of different frequencies and games familiar to deaf children to give the sound, and then select the beep on the hearing instrument to evaluate the effect of the hearing aid in the sound field environment.

(4) Under the condition of no audiometry equipment, you can choose the voice test such as “u, a, ch” to represent the low, medium and high frequency range respectively.If a deaf child can hear a 50 decibel “ch” sound after wearing a hearing aid, it indicates that the hearing aid effect is better

Help your child take care of his/her Hearing aid , This is very important; let them realize that hearing aids are very important to them, and try to cultivate their sense of responsibility for the maintenance of hearing aids.But now, you need to take care of your child’s hearing aids.

The ultimate goal of a child’s selection of hearing aids is to be able to hear the language clearly and carry out normal social interactions.Therefore, it is very necessary to use speech audiometry to evaluate the effect of hearing aid, and it should be followed by the vocabulary or sentence gradually mastered by the deaf child.Regularly evaluate the ability of deaf children to receive language information after wearing hearing aids, and comprehensively evaluate the hearing aid effect.

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