Hearing loss should use hearing aids as soon as possible

The Dutch post-impressionist painter Van Gogh is an extremely crazy artist. In order to gain the favor of a woman, he cut off one of his ears as a gift of love.In real life, a good pair of ears is damaged. I am afraid that no one can accept this reality.

Since the birth of mankind, it has been constantly striving to fight against disease and aging.For the loss of part of the body’s functions, human efforts have two ways of thinking:Fix or replace.UnfortunatelyFix itIt is not suitable for all situations, the limbs cannot grow new limbs, and the hearing loss cannot regenerate the ears.……So looking forSubstituteHas become the only feasible way.

In contemporary society, crutches, wheelchairs and even the prosthetic limbs of blade warriors are not uncommon. Friends with reduced eyesight also wear glasses made of optical lenses on their noses, and friends with hearing loss also wear them. Hearing aid .

After hearing loss, the ear receives less sound due to hearing loss, which will further reduce the degree of deafness, so use it scientifically as soon as possible Hearing aid , It will increase the frequency of ear use and protect the residual hearing from further disuse deterioration (auditory deprivation). Therefore, early wearing hearing aids is the same as wearing glasses for myopia. It is very important not to deepen hearing (vision).Of course, for some elderly comrades, their hearing will decrease with age, as if used all the year round Hearing aid , I feel that I have exercised and my hearing impairment is much better than those who never use hearing aids.

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