Reminder: Don’t look cheap with hearing aids

       With the increase of age, some elderly people have the condition of the back of their ears, should they be equipped with Hearing aid , What kind of hearing aid is more suitable for them has become a topic of concern to many elderly people.Hearing Aids Made in ChinaSenior optician Wu said that if the elderly suffer from hearing loss, the sooner they are equipped with hearing aids, the better.Don’t be cheap with hearing aids.

Elderly people with bad ears will suffer from hearing loss and speech recognition rate reduction, which is the so-called “hearing, inaudible, and incomprehensible”.If the condition is delayed and the disease is not cured for a long time, the deafness will become more serious, and it may also induce mental illnesses such as grumpiness and withdrawn personality, which pose a potential threat to the health of the elderly.

Hearing aids are “matched” rather than “buy.”Some elderly people buy hearing aids worth tens of dollars or tens of dollars in the market at will. This kind of so-called “ Hearing aid “Not only does it not help hearing, but sometimes it damages the hearing nerves and makes deafness worse. At present, there are many types of hearing aids, such as box type, in-ear type, ear hanging type, etc. It is best to conduct a professional examination before wearing a hearing aid. Just like glasses have power, hearing aids also need different decibels, and the same type of hearing aid also has different decibels.

 Hearing aid is a kind of electro-acoustic amplifier with precision structure. If it is not maintained, its use effect and lifespan may be affected. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to: prevent moisture, high temperature, and remove it when washing your face or taking a bath. The battery is best before going to bed at night Take it out; in case of failure, send it to the manufacturer or professional repair point for repair in time, and do not turn it on by yourself to avoid damaging high-precision electronic parts; if it is a box-type hearing aid, put the box in the jacket pocket, earphones and hearing aids when using it. The catheter between the tubes should not be pulled or twisted at will; keep the ear canal clean, and the earplugs should be regularly descaled.


Reminder: Don’t look cheap with hearing aids

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