Hearing aids cannot be bought casually and need to be “tailored”

Many elderly people often feel loud after wearing hearing aids, but cannot hear what others are saying. This is because there is no “tailor-made” one that suits their hearing. Hearing aid , Not only did not achieve the effect of hearing aid, but also caused more serious damage to hearing.


Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to experts, the frequency of sound that human ears can hear is mainly between 250 Hz and 8000 Hz. The low frequency part mainly makes people feel the sound, while the high frequency part plays a decisive role in the understanding of language.When the elderly suffer from deafness, they have different degrees of loss in each frequency range, but most elderly people have serious high-frequency hearing loss, that is, they can’t hear people clearly. If there is no option to compensate for the high-frequency hearing loss of Hearing aid , It will not play the role of hearing aid.


Therefore, before the elderly wear hearing aids, in addition to checking the frequency of hearing loss, they should also check the degree of hearing loss and the resolution of the language.According to the specific situation of hearing loss, choose a hearing aid suitable for your hearing “degree”.And some elderly people suffering from acute deafness should go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination to determine whether it is necessary to wear hearing aids.If the ear canal is inflamed, pus, etc., you should stop wearing hearing aids.


In addition, according to hearing aid experts made in China, there are mainly two types of analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids on the market.Digital hearing aids are more expensive than analog hearing aids, but their adjustable frequency range is wider and the hearing aid effect is better.


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