Fitting division’s small class-how to adjust hearing aids

The most perfect debugging should follow the following three principles


One.   Hearing Aids Made in ChinaPrinciples of debugging


• Patient comfort

• Patient’s audibility

• Patient clarity

XNUMX. Several factors that should be paid attention to in the debugging of hearing aids made in China

• Hearing curve

• age

• Wearing history

• Bilateral or unilateral

• Use environment


(XNUMX) Classification of hearing curve


Flat type average difference per octave = 5dB

Decrease type rise or fall by 6-10dB per octave

Falling type Rise or fall 11-15dB per octave

Steep drop type rise or fall per octave = 16dB

Ascending type, better high-frequency hearing

Slot type or dish type The difference between the intermediate frequency and the threshold of 250 and 8000 Hz = 20dB

Notch type A certain frequency drops suddenly, and adjacent frequencies show a trend of recovery




Comparison of optional hearing aids for children and adults


1. When performing behavioral audiometry, children’s test results are less accurate and complete than adults;


2. The characteristics of children’s hearing loss are different from those of adults—the causes of hearing loss are significantly different;

Reasons for infant deafness: intensive care for more than 48 hours, family inheritance, craniofacial developmental abnormalities, etc.

Causes of deafness in adults: presbycusis, noise-induced deafness, etc.


(XNUMX) Wearing history

Wearing history that can be learned before matching

?? For the first time users, the actual gain is slightly lower than the target gain      

?? For users who have used linear amplification hearing aids, the actual gain is slightly higher than the target gain

?? Users who have used non-linear amplification hearing aids fine-tune according to the actual situation



(XNUMX) Use environment


Issues that should be understood during debugging:

1. Do you go out often    

2. Do you often watch TV

3. Do you often go to public places?

4. Is there a need for a meeting

5. Do you often make calls


(XNUMX) Expected value


Establish reasonable expectations

1. The effect of wearing a hearing aid on a flat hearing curve is the best;

2. Hearing aids have an adaptation period of 1-2 months, explain how to pass the adaptation period correctly;

3. How to use it correctly Hearing aid ;

4. Hearing aids are not human ears;


Final Thoughts

?? The ultimate goal of hearing aid debugging made in China——At the same time, it satisfies the comfort, audibility and clarity of the patient’s wearing.

?? The specific performance is as follows:

1. In a quiet environment, the effect of using a hearing aid is much better than not using a hearing aid;

2. In a noisy environment, the effect of using a hearing aid is much better than not using a hearing aid;

3. The effect of hearing aids is different in a noisy environment and a quiet environment;

4. The low-intensity input sound signal should produce the feeling of “very light but audible”;

5. The medium-intensity input sound signal should produce a “comfortable” feeling;

7. The high-intensity input sound signal should produce a “big, but not uncomfortable” feeling;

8. The patient’s own voice should not sound like speaking in a bucket;

9. Hearing aids should not have acoustic feedback or secondary oscillation feedback;


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