Expensive hearing aids vs. cheap hearing aids, how should you choose?

My father’s ears have been deaf for 8 or 9 years. At first, one ear had poor hearing, and the other was okay. As there was no timely treatment, now the ear that works so well can’t be heard clearly. He can hear loud voices, and he can’t hear them clearly.Now I want to match him with a suitable one Hearing aid , I don’t know what kind of suitable, is it expensive, or cheap can reach the level of normal communication.


Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExpert answers:


The elderly who choose to wear hearing aids should first undergo a special hearing test and fitting.At the same time, one must also pay attention to considering some issues including hearing and non-listening:


one,The degree and type of hearing loss in the elderly.


The selection of hearing aids for the elderly depends on the degree and type of hearing loss. The whole selection process: ①Hearing test. ②Scientific selection.According to the patient’s hearing loss range, select the power suitable Hearing aid , And adjust the frequency response curve of the hearing aid to make it match the patient’s hearing curve to achieve the best clarity and comfort.


Finger flexibility, vision.


In addition to hearing loss, many elderly people also have poor eyesight and inflexible finger movement. It is difficult to play with very small hearing aids and install small batteries.It is easier to adjust the volume of the behind-the-ear type than the in-ear type.


From the perspective of easy removal, in-ear hearing aids are slightly more convenient than behind-the-ear hearing aids, and semi-concha-cavity or in-ear hearing aids are much easier than full-concha-cavity hearing aids.


When choosing a hearing aid, you should also pay attention to some minor issues such as ear comfort, echo and noise.


First of all, wearing hearing aids should be comfortable and pain-free. If there is pain, you should contact your optician and don’t take time to adapt to this pain.


Secondly, there should be no echo, vibration or hollow sound. Once such a situation occurs, it indicates that your hearing aid needs to be adjusted.


The third is to avoid noise.The noise may be very loud, but it should not cause discomfort. If you feel that the noise is too large and you cannot reach a satisfactory volume, you need to go to the fitting center to re-test immediately.

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