Grandpa is severely deaf, is it useful to wear hearing aids?

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A few years ago, I felt that my grandpa’s hearing was a little bad, and he didn’t care too much. Later, it became more and more serious. I took it to the hospital and said it was moderateHearing loss, Can be worn Hearing aid .At that time, I felt that it was not very serious. I was afraid that the hearing aid would be dependent, so I did not match Hearing aid .Last month, I took my grandfather to check my hearing again. The doctor said that the degree of deafness was already severe and he must wear a hearing aid. May I ask if the hearing loss is so severe, is it still useful to wear a hearing aid?


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Seeing your question, I feel very sad and sorry.It seems that everyone is not sufficiently aware of presbycusis and mistakenly believes that wearing hearing aids too early will increase the degree of deafness and fail to intervene early.In fact, if it is found that the elderly have hearing impairment and other problems, their children should take the elderly for hearing tests in time to avoid delaying the best time for intervention.


“Hearing loss is so severe, is it still useful to wear hearing aids?” First of all, are both ears severely deaf?What is the specific decibel?Can you describe it clearly.Secondly, wearing hearing aids requires residual hearing.As long as there is residual hearing, you can wear a hearing aid, you can go to the professional hearing aid fitting center for consultation, you can take a free hearing test, and a professional fitting professional can provide solutions according to the degree, nature, and needs of the hearing loss.


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