Positive self-suggestion can improve hearing aid usage

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExperts say that self-suggestion has a great effect on people’s psychology, and sometimes even creates miracles, allowing you to “get everything you want.”In the use of hearing aids, this idiom expresses a scientifically proven fact: the more positively hearing-impaired patients look at themselves Hearing aid , The better you can use Hearing aid .


Suppose we accidentally lose 1000 yuan, what kind of psychological reaction will we have?One reaction: Oh, I am a hapless person, why am I always so hapless?This is a kind of negative self-suggestion. Because of such negative thoughts, we will be sad and uncomfortable for a while.Another reaction: Oh, why did you lose it? Even if you lose money and eliminate disasters.This is a positive self-suggestion. After accepting this stressful event and transforming the troubles, the mood will slowly become more comfortable.


Chinese hearing aid experts say that many patients have always believed that the hearing aids they wear are actually sending different signals about themselves to others.The latest scientific report proves that this attitude of “whatever you want to do” greatly affects their ability to adapt to hearing aids, thus drawing the conclusion that all satisfied hearing aid users will vigorously recommend hearing aids to others.


Most patients who try to adapt to hearing aids for the first time have the above experience, which is also an important factor that affects whether they wear hearing aids. What is more interesting is that only a few patients regard hearing aids as the most important technical means to improve their hearing impairment.


Until now, there are still many people who think that wearing hearing aids looks old, unattractive, not smart enough, and inferior; however, some people have completely different views and they are more practical.For them, hearing aids are just a technical means to help them listen.They don’t value or consider other people’s opinions at all.Such patients tend to be more optimistic and more effective when wearing hearing aids.


A warm reminder for hearing aids made in China: Therefore, in our lives, we often use “positive self-suggestion” psychological methods to help us overcome difficulties and fears, live happily, and may also create miracles.


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