Why dad suddenly stopped wearing hearing aids

“Dad, did you hear what I said?” “Daughter, what are you talking about?” This is the regular conversation between me and my dad.In the past two years, my father’s hearing is getting worse and worse. Sometimes face-to-face talks must be “replayed” and the “volume” must be increased.At first, Dad didn’t think he was in the way, but he was unworthy. Hearing aid .Later, when my dad talked to us, my mother and I were both surprised when we were watching TV.


We are getting more and more unaccustomed. Later, I matched my dadHearing Aids Made in China.Although my dad said he didn’t want to buy it because it was too expensive, he really bought it. His old man was still very happy.As soon as I talked, my dad was so scared that he hid behind him: “Hey, the effect is so good! Haha.”


Dad has it Hearing aid , The whole person has become more energetic and loves to go out.Originally, my dad loved to play chess, and he had a hard time playing chess with his chess friend Lao Yuan, but since his hearing loss fell, Lao Yuan actually “impeached” his dad and found a new love.Some time ago, Old Yuan heard that his father had put on a hearing aid, and he took the initiative to contact him, saying that he would continue to “play”.When my father talked about this, he always said jokingly: “I have remarried with Lao Yuan!”


Some time ago, my dad signed up for a tour group and went to Hong Kong with my mom.When he came back, he pointed to the hearing aid and said: “If it weren’t for him, I would have died of going out.” With the hearing aid, Dad often went to the square of the community to walk at night, and the people were also cheerful.


Before taking a break every night, my dad took off the hearing aids and examined them in his hand. Sometimes he said to himself: “Good stuff.” If I accidentally touched his Chinese-made hearing aids, he would still look at him. I stared.Hearing aids have been regarded as treasures by my father, so don’t even want to move a finger.


A few days ago, my dad twisted his waist when he went downstairs, and he couldn’t move because of the pain.I suddenly discovered that my dad hadn’t worn a hearing aid these days, and sometimes reminded him that he agreed on the surface, but he didn’t do it at all.


Could it be that the hearing aid made in China is broken? I sneaked into my father’s room and checked it carefully. Good!I felt that my father must be okay, and when I asked him, he always shook his head.That day, my dad and I were the only ones at home. I asked him again, why didn’t the hearing aids be worn?


Dad told the truth: “It’s all because of your mother.” “What’s wrong with my mother?” Dad smiled: “Can’t your mother nag, I put on a Chinese-made hearing aid to listen to her nagging? Clearly, I’m against her again; without a hearing aid, she nagging her, I can’t hear, but I feel happy. “It turns out that my dad is so cute. It seems that life is a question of a university. It is very profound!

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