Fitting technicians, please listen to the voice of the customer before fitting

In our lives, there is such a group of parents of hearing-impaired children who are under unimaginable helplessness, heartache, and huge financial pressure. Please let us think from another perspective and put ourselves in the perspective of parents of hearing-impaired children, even if It is the possibility that a certain frequency can gain 1dB more, and we also do our best to help them.And honestly based on the hearing impaired children’sHearing loss, Provide comprehensive professional and feasible solutions, and give the right to make decisions to their families.


Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to experts, in the clinical fitting of hearing aids, clarifying user needs is a crucial step for successful fitting.Next, the editor of Chinese Hearing Aid will share with you a survey on the expectations of many hearing-impaired children’s parents for hearing aids.Now, let us walk into the hearts of parents of hearing-impaired children and listen carefully to their voices.


We are eager to “choose”


Choice of communication methods: such as spoken language, sign language, full communication mode, etc.


Products: Selection of amplification technology and auxiliary products


Let parents make the final decision:


Don’t assume that what we want is the cheapest, easiest to operate, most convenient to buy or even the smallest Hearing aid .Please let us choose the most suitable product.


We are eager for hearing aid opticians to be more active:


Most of the time, unless we take the initiative to ask questions, the fitter will not provide us with any information first, which makes us doubt whether other parents can get the information they really need.


We aspire to be “professional”


If you can’t get along well with your child, lack knowledge of child fitting techniques, or have insufficient experience in child hearing aid fitting, please tell us the truth and recommend it to someone we can do the job.Please let go of yourself first, give priority to our children and our interests, we will be grateful!



Other wishes


Please help our children learn how to take the test in the listening room and teach us how to train them to listen and respond to sounds.


Please be as proactive and patient as possible to help our children try on a variety of different models of hearing aids or other accessories until the most satisfactory results are obtained.


Please listen carefully to the reaction of children and parents.If your child tells you that the hearing aid is not working properly, don’t think that your child is too young to express your ideas correctly and ignore your child’s reaction.When parents ask questions, such as: whether the gain of amplification is appropriate, and concerns about children, please be patient and explain to us, because these are very important to us.


Please tell us about the acoustic problems that children often encounter in school.Help us write down the acoustic environment you suggest to pay special attention to, the equipment needed, and why these equipment are important to children with hearing loss in the classroom.


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