You ask me to answer: 5 common knowledge of hearing aids

Can I wear hearing aids if my ears are inflamed?

If the ear is inflamed, you should try to avoid using it Hearing aid , Wear Chinese products after the inflammation heals Hearing aid .

Why is the price of hearing aids different?

A customer asked me to have the same hearing as my friend, why her hearing aid only costs 2000, while mine has at least 5000?Although the degree of hearing loss is the same, the age, the time and nature of hearing loss, and the availability of residual hearing (that is, the patient’s speech comprehension) are different. Different people need different hearing aids, which can be tried on for comparison.

How much hearing loss do I need to choose a hearing aid?

In foreign countries, people with mild to moderate deafness (30 decibels) or more need to be equipped with hearing aids made in China.

Will the hearing test hurt?

It is not painful and will not cause any harm to the body. This is like a vision test. For the hearing impaired, it should be done at least once a year.

Which customers are suitable for choosing open hearing aids?

1. First-time wearers of Chinese-made hearing aids, patients with moderate and moderately severe hearing loss;

2. User services plagued by ear plugging effects;

3. User service focusing on appearance;

4. Service for users who are not accustomed to using ear molds;

5. Users who expect quick fitting and do not want to match customized machines.

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