Common diseases that endanger ear health

March 3 is the National Ears Day. This year’s theme is “Reducing Noise and Protecting Hearing”.But while everyone pays attention to environmental noise that can directly damage inner ear cells, don’t ignore the impact of your own health on the health of your ears.Experts remind that the ear is a barometer of the health of the whole body. When the body is in certain disease states, it will affect our hearing, causing deafness, tinnitus and even vertigo.


If you work under too much pressure, are too tired and often stay up late, it will inevitably lead to a decline in the body’s immunity.People who have been in a sub-health state for a long time, once they catch a cold and catch a cold, if the virus infects the auditory cells, it will cause sudden deafness in severe cases.


People with poor renal function such as nephritis should also pay attention to the fact that if the inner ear ischemia due to anemia or other reasons, or if the ischemia is aggravated after the corresponding edema, it will cause cell damage.These will damage the auditory cells, which can cause tinnitus or hearing loss.


Hypertension can cause hardening of blood vessels. If the lesion is in the heart, coronary heart disease will occur. If it appears in the small blood vessels supplying the inner ear, it will cause bleeding or vascular stenosis. It will also cause blood supply to the inner ear or be caused by bleeding. Ear damage.


Deafness and tinnitus are also one of the complications of diabetes.Studies have found that diabetic patients have 20-30 decibels of hearing loss compared to normal people, and 30%-50% of diabetic patients will experience tinnitus, deafness and other diseases.

【Craniocerebral Tumors】

Some people have unilateral tinnitus or deafness, so you must check carefully at this time, and don’t mistake it for neurotic tinnitus or deafness.Because sometimes brain tumors can also affect the ears.Generally speaking, 5% of unilateral tinnitus and deafness are caused by central lesions, that is, brain lesions that compress nerves.

【Ménière disease】

Meniere’s disease is also called Meniere’s disease. The typical symptoms are recurrent rotating vertigo and fluctuating sensuality.Hearing loss, Tinnitus and ear swelling, usually occur in 30-40 years old, with genetic predisposition.The reason for its health hazard to the ears is that the water in the vestibule will oppress the organs responsible for balance and cause dizziness. (Source: Tianjin Net-Digital Newspaper Author: Teng Yuanyuan)

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