Baby should stay away from noise pollution

Like eyes, ears are an important channel for the human body to keep in touch with the outside world.Babies’ ears are more fragile and need some good habits in daily life to protect them.Baby’s poor hearing is often caused by poor protection.In order to protect the hearing of the baby, what aspects should parents pay attention to?

* The boy wears headphones to listen to music every day and becomes a little “deaf”

Chen Ying (pseudonym) is a 15-year-old Guangzhou boy. A week ago, he felt earache, buzzing and unclear speech when he woke up in the morning. He thought he was staying up late and playing games too much, but it was not good after two days of rest.His mother told the doctor that she bought a PSP for her baby after the entrance examination in June. He listened to music anytime and anywhere. He also listened to music in the car and at home. He told him not to wear headphones for too long, but he didn’t listen at all. As a result, his ears hurt. , And feel that I can’t hear other people clearly.

“The initial diagnosis is that it should be noise-induced deafness.” Professor Wang Xijun from the Otolaryngology Center of the Armed Police Hospital and the receiving doctor said that such children have received many cases recently…

* Children’s delicate and small ears are most afraid of “loudness”

Do not use digital products on transportation

Many children are enthusiasts of digital products and like to listen to music anytime, anywhere.It is no exception when taking transportation.It is important to know that the noise of these vehicles tends to cover up the original volume at a normal value, and children often increase the volume unconsciously, and sounds greater than 90 decibels will have a serious impact on hearing.Here to remind mothers to pay attention, it is best not to let children use digital products on subways, buses and other transportation.

Don’t listen to music loudly in a closed space

In a relatively confined space, whether it is a bar, a KTV or a baby’s own room, as long as it is exposed to an environment greater than 120 decibels for a long time, it will easily cause damage to the ear, nose, and throat, especially the ears.Therefore, it is best for mothers not to take them to entertainment venues such as dance halls and bars. When the baby is listening to music in his room too loudly, mothers should remind them in good time not to let the sound ruin the baby’s hearing.

Baby should stay away from noise pollution

The baby’s “small ears” are extremely delicate, the auditory organs are not yet fully developed and have poor adaptability. Loud sounds and noisy noises may cause their hearing loss and even cause deafness.Therefore, mothers should avoid leaving their babies in a noise-polluted environment for a long time. It is best not to take them to the movie theater for babies under 3 years old, let alone let them use headphones.Moreover, when mothers choose musical toys for their babies, they must pay attention to the volume of the toys to be moderate, the melody of the music should be soft, and do not let noisy toys enter the door.

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