The hearing impaired elderly should go to the hospital for treatment in time

Tomorrow is “National Day for Ears.”According to statistics from relevant departments, nearly half of the elderly over the age of 60 suffer from various degrees of hearing disease, and most of the elderly do not pay enough attention to ear disease, which is generally believed to be related to getting older.Ear disease can easily make people lack the initiative to communicate with others, make the elderly’s personality become more and more withdrawn, leading to Alzheimer’s disease.Therefore, elderly people with ear problems should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

The main reasons for hearing loss in the elderly are: first, the bone hyperplasia in the elderly narrows the bony pores and tubules through which the auditory nerve fibers pass, which affects the auditory nerve conduction function; second, the eardrum membrane is insufficient in the elderly. The sound transmission function of the auditory ossicles in the ear is reduced, so that the intensity of the sound transmission to the inner ear is weakened, and the sensitivity to external sound stimulation is reduced; third, due to the decline of body function, endocrine dysfunction or cardiovascular disease, etc., the auditory center is transformed. Cerebral cortex atrophy and cochlear basement membrane, auditory cells and auditory nerve aging.These reasons have led to hearing loss and deafness in the elderly.

●The initial performance of the elderly with hearing impairment is not obvious

In real life, the performance of the elderly with hearing impairment is not very obvious, and it is often the third party who finds some of his abnormal behaviors, including interruptions when speaking normally, or when communicating normally. Hear what’s going on, then, after this situation, you should be vigilant, it is best to take the elderly to the hospital for examination.

When the elderly can’t hear clearly, most people always raise their voices very high, even using “yelling” methods.In fact, for the elderly to hear clearly, the most important thing is to slow down and increase the volume slightly.


Therefore, when communicating with the elderly, it is not necessary to shout loudly in his ears, but to reduce the speed of speaking and allow the other party to see his mouth, so that most elderly people can communicate relatively normally.At the same time, proper and continuous communication can slow down the hearing loss of the elderly.If family members do not communicate with the elderly because they cannot hear, it will further aggravate the rate of auditory nerve atrophy, and even cause many elderly people to develop autism in the long-term autistic mental state, resulting in various living conditions. All aspects have declined.

●In case of hearing loss, seek medical attention in time

If hearing loss occurs, you should first go to a regular hospital to check your hearing, and take medicine if you need medication.For example, some diseases of the middle ear, such as chronic otitis media, require some surgical treatment or medication, and some reasons may be caused by some primary diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and some people’s ills. Habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse should be corrected, and the primary disease should be treated promptly.Even when there is no alternative to surgical drugs, it can be selected under the guidance of professional physicians. Hearing aid .

For the elderly, normal living habits are very important.To prevent hearing loss, pay attention to the following aspects: XNUMX. Quit smoking and limit alcohol.XNUMX. Treat the primary disease promptly.XNUMX. Stay away from noise.Fourth, use drugs with caution.When people are old, their ability to metabolize and excrete drugs decreases, their tolerance decreases, and their sensitivity increases.Therefore, drugs should be used with caution, especially ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin, kanamycin, neomycin, gentamicin, etc., to avoid damage to the cochlear nerve and vestibular nerve and cause deafness.XNUMX. Reasonable diet.Eating less high-fat, high-cholesterol foods and eating more soybeans, cabbage, celery, black fungus, various seafood and other foods are extremely beneficial to hearing protection. (Source: Beiqing Net Wen/Gaowei)

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