Children’s hearing examination and treatment should avoid fighting on their own

Recently, at the Jilin Province Children’s Hearing Screening Service Model Symposium, officials and experts from health, disabled persons’ federations, medical institutions, and maternal and child health departments proposed that effective mechanisms should be established to promote comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation training. Connection, so that every child can be diagnosed and treated in time.

Hu Shuping, Director of the Women’s and Social Affairs Division of the Jilin Provincial Department of Health, said that at present, Jilin Province has established a four-in-one “screening-diagnosis-intervention-rehabilitation” for children under the management of the health department, diagnosis by medical institutions, and rehabilitation by the disabled people’s federation rehabilitation institution. Hearing screening service model. Since its implementation in May 2011, 5 deaf children have benefited.However, how to achieve a comprehensive connection in each link of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation training is a problem that needs to be solved urgently.

Jin Shunji, director of the Department of Otolaryngology, Yanbian University Affiliated Hospital, said that children’s hearing screening is now being screened in midwifery institutions, diagnosis is in medical institutions, health care is in maternal and child institutions, and rehabilitation is in the Disabled An effective mechanism for the chain to wear.

Zou Zhiyan, director of Changchun Maternity and Child Health Care Institute, said that it is necessary to establish an information sharing platform covering the entire link as soon as possible to realize information traceability and information sharing.Participants also believed that information such as the protection of medical expenses and the technical training of screening personnel at all levels should also be included in the comprehensive platform. (Source: Health News)

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