Why do you feel hearing loss when you take off the hearing aid

After wearing the hearing aid, I suddenly took it off, and my hearing seemed to have deteriorated so badly that my hearing was not as good as before. Why?

Hearing aids made in China understand that many people who wear hearing aids reported that they could barely hear other people’s voices when they were not wearing hearing aids before, but after a few years of wearing hearing aids, they suddenly took them off one day. Hearing aid , I found that my hearing seems to have fallen a lot.So why does this illusion make people feel worried and scared?Let’s analyze it:

Do some people who wear glasses for myopia also experience a blurry scene when they suddenly take off the glasses when they are used to wearing glasses?The reason is the same. When you wear a hearing aid for a long time, the brain’s perception of sound and the perception threshold have been relatively improved. The brain has become accustomed to listening to these “normal people’s voices” every day, forming a kind of conscious memory.So if you suddenly take it off at a certain moment Hearing aid , I feel that the sound is suddenly much smaller, which is a neural illusion of the brain listening to the sound in a short time, but the hearing threshold of hearing has not changed, but the perception has a short time to produce errors and illusions.

According to the introduction of hearing aids made in China, if you insist on not wearing a hearing aid for a week, you can also restore the hearing feeling before you did not wear a hearing aid.

The summary of hearing aids made in China: people have a memory function for collecting information, whether it is text or sound. Once this rule is destroyed or forcibly changed, then the brain will not be able to turn in a short time.

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