Reasons for the big difference in the price of hearing aids

My grandma is 75 this year, her hearing loss, she has to shout loudly before grandma can hear, I want to buy one for grandma Hearing aid .But I went to several hearing aid fitting centers and they all told me that the cheapest hearing aids cost one or two thousand yuan, while the more expensive ones cost more than XNUMX yuan.Why are the prices so different?

According to a hearing aid expert made in China, many users have doubts about the price of hearing aids: What are the advantages of high-priced hearing aids?I saw that the two hearing aids are similar in appearance and function, but why are the prices different by several times?In fact, these situations are caused by customers’ ignorance of hearing aids.Hearing aids can be divided into four according to different technical levelsA grade: This mainly depends on the different levels of the internal chips of the hearing aids and the configuration of parts. The performance of different levels of chips is dozens of times different, but there is almost no difference in appearance, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to detect.

1. Application of traditional amplifying circuit Hearing aid

This type of hearing aid simply amplifies the sound and does not have the function of automatically processing the volume.The number of adjustment knobs is limited and the adjustment range is small.There is a lot of noise and distortion, and it may be uncomfortable with sudden strong sound. Users need to adjust the amplification frequently.

2. Hearing aids with integrated circuits

Hearing aids mainly use integrated circuits inside. As the external sound changes, the amplification can be automatically controlled, and the patient does not need to adjust the volume frequently.The number of adjusting knobs is limited, the background noise is slightly smaller, and the distortion is not large. It is more suitable for the loudness characteristics and usage habits of elderly patients with sensorineural hearing loss.

3. Computer-programmed hearing aids

The core component of a hearing aid is a digital chip with storage, analysis and control capabilities.Audiologists can set the hearing aid parameters on the computer according to the characteristics of the customer’s hearing loss and store them on the digital chip.The chip continuously analyzes the external input sound and controls the work of other analog components in the hearing aid.Each set of parameters contains a lot of content. The sound can be processed in different frequency bands, and the sound can be amplified by “lower sound more, louder sound less”, so the sound quality is soft, fine adjustment, and less distortion.Multiple sets of hearing aid parameters can be set for patients to use in different sound environments (such as a quiet office, a noisy dining room).

4. All-digital hearing aids

All-digital hearing aids are the latest technology that has just appeared in the past two years. All digital components are used, and the calculation speed is faster, up to 14,000,000 times per second, and the analysis and processing functions are stronger.Digital electronic technology has been widely used. For example, the familiar CD and VCD have such clear sound and picture quality because of the use of digital technology.In addition to all the advantages of computer-programmed hearing aids, all-digital hearing aids also have intelligent processing functions such as natural sound quality, minimal distortion, suppression of environmental noise, high speech intelligibility, and automatic adaptation to various hearing environments. They are among the best in the field of hearing aids. Outstanding.

I hope that through the above introduction of Chinese-made hearing aids, combined with your own requirements for the quality of life, you can choose a hearing aid that will satisfy you.

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