What is the cause of ear tightness when wearing a hearing aid and how to solve it

The phenomenon of “ears stuffiness” after wearing a hearing aid not only reduces the hearing aid effect of the hearing aid, but also makes the wearer of the hearing aid very uncomfortable. This is a problem that many users will encounter.The so-called “ears stuffiness” means that the wearer has the feeling of “blockage”, “distortion” and “uncomfortable”, which affects the hearing of the sound.Here is a hearing aid made in China that tells you that some of this stuffiness is normal, and the main causes of “ear stuffiness” are as follows:

1) Improper adjustment of hearing range.The fitting professional is mainly determined based on the feeling of the wearer’s own audition.The auditioners were affected by many subjective and objective factors at the time, and the audition perception was not necessarily accurate, especially for beginners.The results of such debugging may not be applicable in another environment, and the phenomenon of “ears stuffy” will naturally appear.

2) The degree of hearing loss has changed.Changes in age and physical fitness will lead to changes in hearing, which will make hearing aids feel “stuffy”.

3) The sound channel transmission of hearing aids is impaired.The earplugs are blocked by earwax (The right-angle elbow is blocked by water and air, which obstructs the sound transmission and causes the sound to be small and “stuffy”.This is also the most common and most common cause of “ear stuffy”.

4) The soft earplugs of hearing aids are aging.The soft earplugs are made of plastic materials, and they will age (stiff) after a long time of use. If they are inserted in the ear canal too tightly, they will feel “stuffy”.

5) The nose is not smooth.Colds, rhinitis, etc. cause poor nasal cavity and incomplete closure of the Eustachian tube, resulting in uneven pressure inside the eardrum (middle ear) and outside (outer ear) and indentation. At this time, wearing a hearing aid will have a feeling of “ear stuffy”.

6) Lack of “breathability”.If the hearing aid wearer has been wearing it for more than ten hours from morning to night, the earplugs are not opened in the middle for ventilation, and the earplugs are closed for a long time, and the ear molds can also be “stuffed”.

Hearing aid experts made in China say that “ear stuffy” after wearing a hearing aid can make people feel very uncomfortable, and the “ear stuffy” can be completely solved. There are usually the following solutions to solve the “ear stuffy”.

1. Re-adjust the audio and gain of the hearing aid until the “ear dullness” is eliminated. If you don’t know how to adjust it, you can bring your hearing aid to your hearing aid fitting professional to adjust it for you.

2. If the power of the hearing aid is too small, it needs to be replaced with a high-power Chinese product. Hearing aid .

3. If the soft earplug is not smooth, wipe it with cotton; if there is water vapor in the ear seat, you can disassemble the joint between the plastic guide tube and the horn connector, and then clean it with a cotton swab.

4. Replace the aging soft earplugs in time, and the size should fit your ear canal.

5. Deaf patients must pay attention to prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases in their lives.

6. The hearing aid should be properly ventilated during the process of wearing the hearing aid.

7. Purchase qualified, regular, and high-quality hearing aid batteries.When buying a battery, you must look at the date of production of the battery. Normally, if the battery is stored for more than half a year, its effect will become worse, and the environment in which the battery is stored also affects the life of the battery.This method can be used to determine whether the battery is normal: if the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are spotted, or the battery with a protruding bottom surface is not selectable.

Hearing aids made in China remind patients and friends that when you encounter problems, please go to the fitting center to solve the problem in time.

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