Elderly people with hearing aids should consider all factors, not just the price of hearing aids!

With the rapid development of science today, hearing aids have brought sound and hope to life for many elderly people in a silent world.However, for the elderly, the price of hearing aids is relatively high, and many elderly people are reluctant to spend money and are unwilling to burden their children.Hearing aid experts made in China say that because of poor hearing, it will cause a lot of inconvenience and serious dangers, such as being unable to hear the sound of cars on the road.How should the elderly be equipped with hearing aids?

First of all, the elderly should choose according to their own physical factors.

If the shape of your ear canal is too narrow or too curved, the ear canal type Chinese hearing aid may be difficult to put in or easy to fall out; if your auricle is too shallow, you may not be able to choose the in-ear type Hearing aid As the elderly grow older, their fingers will become more and more inflexible, and the lifespan of hearing aids is usually 5 to 8 years. When choosing a hearing aid, you should consider the convenience of operation. The battery of a hearing aid that is too small will also be very small. Whether there is automatic volume adjustment is also a factor you should consider.Some elderly people have a large amount of earwax accumulation in the ear canal, or the ear canal is damp, so custom-made hearing aids placed in the ear canal may not be practical.Similarly, the elderly with otitis media caused by ear canal drainage are not suitable for custom-made Hearing aid , And need to have ear molds with vents, or open ear fittings.

Secondly, when choosing a hearing aid, the elderly should choose according to their hearing loss.

If you have a steep drop in hearing loss, you need to choose a hearing aid made in China that has less obstruction to the ear canal, otherwise it will cause the feeling of listening to your own speech too loud and dull.If your hearing loss has reached a moderate level, it is recommended that you choose a BTE hearing aid, which will not only make the sound louder, but also avoid howling.

When choosing the style of hearing aids, the elderly should also consider the assembly of telephone inductors and directional microphones.Once everything is in place, you can choose a hearing aid made in China that suits you with the help of an optician. Don’t be limited to the price of hearing aids.Too much emphasis on the price of hearing aids often leads to the lack of matching hearing aids.

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