How to solve the ear plugging caused by hearing aids

Recently, many users have left messages to the WeChat background of hearing aids made in China. They said that after wearing hearing aids, their ears feel occluded, which is very uncomfortable.

Hearing aid experts made in China explained that the sensation was caused by the ear mold or hearing aid inserted in the ear canal.When we speak, the vibration of the vocal cords will also produce the vibration of the ear canal. This is usually a low-frequency vibration sound. When the ear canal is not plugged in anything, the sound will radiate through the ear canal.If you put on a hearing aid and plug the ear canal, especially the closer it is to the ear canal Hearing aid , These low-frequency sounds cannot be emitted, which naturally produces such a sense of occlusion.Generally, after wearing a hearing aid for a period of time, I will adapt to this discomfort.However, some wearers still care about discomfort.

Hearing aid experts from China say that there are some ways to reduce this sense of occlusion:

1. When allowed, try to open the ear canal as much as possible (for example: open a vent);

2. Reduce the gain value of the low frequency part;

3. If the ear mold can touch the bone part as deep as 1/2 of the inner ear canal, the low-frequency sound generated by the bone vibration can be reduced.

Link:      How to solve the ear plugging caused by hearing aids

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