You ask me to answer the problems frequently encountered by hearing impaired patients

Q: Under what circumstances should I wear it Hearing aid ?

Hearing Aids Made in China Answer: This is the most frequently asked question, but unfortunately there is no standard answer.Simply put, it depends on individual needs.Some people have retired, have no social life, and do not feel the need for hearing loss to moderate or even severe levels. Some people have only mild hearing impairment but feel that their communication skills are affected, especially those who have an active social life.In English, the most important thing that affects speech recognition is the consonant. If you don’t hear the consonant, you will often misunderstand the meaning of others (such as seven hundred to one hundred). Consonants are high-frequency, low-energy sounds, so 4kHz, 8kHZ has a mild hearing impairment of about 40 decibels, which may have an impact on language recognition.Of course, whether this is the case in Chinese, we are still studying.Therefore, in some situations, mild hearing impairment is also suitable and should wear hearing aids.

Q: Should I wear hearing aids on one side or on both sides?

Hearing aids made in China Answer: God created two ears for people for a reason. Two-ear hearing has many more advantages than single-ear hearing.Including (1) two ears addition effect (2) improving the ability to distinguish the source of sound (3) increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and so on.

Therefore, in principle, hearing aids should be more advantageous to wear on both sides.According to the understanding of hearing aids made in China, the ratio of two sides in European and American countries is about XNUMX%, but in fact, there are practical considerations such as appearance and financial resources.We suggest that patients try to wear two sides than one side. If they really feel that it is beneficial and financial resources allow, the two sides should be the right choice.

Question: Hearing aids loudly amplify the sound, will it damage my remaining hearing and make my hearing worse?

China Hearing Aid Answer: This is also a concern for many patients or their families.The current view is that UCL (uncomfortable loudness level) will be measured during clinical evaluation of hearing aids. If the maximum output value of the hearing aid is set below UCL, on the one hand, it can avoid the problem caused by the volume being turned on too much. If the ear is uncomfortable, on the one hand, it can also ensure that the remaining hearing will not cause further damage.In this way, it can be said that the hearing aid is safe.But it is true that the hearing of some patients is gradually deteriorating, because most of this condition is a natural course and has no direct relationship with whether the hearing aid is worn or not.

Q: Where can I buy hearing aids?

Hearing aids made in China Answer: Nowadays, many people buy hearing aids after watching TV shopping ads.Such purchases have no quality assurance and are not necessarily suitable, and there will be difficulties in maintenance. We strongly discourage them.It is ideal to go to a professional fitting center to buy.So what kind of fitting center is good?There is no standard answer. Hearing aids made in China believe that it is very important to have cordial service, enthusiasm and patience, because the hearing aids are not equipped and it will be fine, and they will often need to be repaired, adjusted or maintained in the future, so the service attitude is very important;

The above hearing aids made in China simply provide some questions and answers, I hope it will be helpful to all readers.

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