Hearing aids add points to the lives of the elderly

Hearing aid experts in China say that the health of the elderly is closely related to the quality of hearing. Therefore, it is very important to select hearing aids that meet the physiological conditions and daily needs of the elderly, and can also re-open social life and interpersonal relationships.However, because hearing aids are external hearing aids, they need a longer adaptation period before they can be effective.The following suggestions are provided for the pre-, middle and later stages of hearing aid selection:

(XNUMX) Before matching: understand the importance of hearing and increase willingness to use hearing aids

Most elderly people lack motivation to improve hearing. Family members can use daily interactions and actual conditions, such as the volume of the TV, family members need to increase the volume of speech, etc., to highlight the severity of the problem and increase the willingness of the elderly to try or use it.

(XNUMX) When selecting and matching: professional, quality and functional hearing aids are the benchmark for selection

1. Choose a professional audiologist and a well-serviced fitting center to provide a detailed personal history of hearing changes, correct hearing test results and life needs, which will help the audiologist to suggest the choice and set value adjustment of hearing aids.

2. The choice of hearing aid varies with individual needs, and price is not the only consideration.Most elderly people suffer from poor speech resolution (unintelligible hearing) and poor adaptation to environmental noise (very noisy) due to long-term hearing degradation. They can choose to improve their discrimination and reduce environmental noise. Hearing aid .

3. In terms of style selection, those who are active in social circles or who love sports can wear in-ear type Chinese products Hearing aid , Both beautiful and reduce the risk of sweat erosion, reduce the failure rate; the general elderly can mainly use the back-of-the-ear device, in addition to power saving and easy to wear, the applicable volume range is large, even if the hearing is degraded, there is still room and flexibility for adjustment.In addition, the elderly have inflexible hands and can also be used with a remote control to facilitate adjustment of the volume or change the settings of different programs to adapt to the surrounding environment.

(XNUMX) After selection: patience, consultation and maintenance to maintain the best effect of hearing aids

1. Start to adapt to the sound in a quiet place, one hour each morning, noon, and evening, and gradually extend the wearing time.

2. Keep in touch with the audiologist. If you feel uncomfortable, please ask the audiologist to adjust the Chinese-made hearing aids.

3. Do a good job in the maintenance of hearing aids, which will help to extend the service life.

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