What do you need to know before choosing a hearing aid?

1. Different solutions for different hearing:

Hearing aids made in China must be properly fitted according to different hearing loss conditions. They are not suitable for hearing aids, which can be difficult to hear and feel very noisy, while in severe cases, they may further damage the very precious residual hearing.Especially for children and the elderly, it is necessary to find a professional and qualified organization for matching.

2. The listening assessment process before matching:

Including hearing level (hearing threshold test), speech comfort threshold test, discomfort threshold test, central speech resolution test, examination of external ear and ear canal tympanic membrane, medical history data collection, etc.

3. Reasonable expectations are the first step to success:

The auditory system is a complex and sophisticated system. Whether we can hear clearly is related to two issues. One is whether the performance parameters such as the frequency response and loudness gradient control of Chinese-made hearing aids are properly tuned, and the other is whether they have good performance. Central speech discrimination ability.The former is affected by the quality and performance of hearing aids and the excellent debugging experience of the fitter, while the latter can only be improved by continuous adaptation and perseverance training.Part of the hearing loss caused by the damage of the inner hair cells of the cochlea and the hearing loss caused by central diseases such as brain atrophy in the elderly are the same. It takes a long time to adapt and retrain before it can be gradually improved.

4. After fitting, there still needs to be a continuous debugging process:

Generally, users who wear Chinese-made hearing aids for the first time need one: audition—initial adaptation——adjustment—-re-adaptation—re-adjustment to achieve a satisfactory level. Generally, they need to be separated by one month after the first wearing. Return to the matching center for commissioning once every month or every six months.In addition, because the hearing level may change due to changes in time and age, in order to keep the hearing aid in the best condition for you, it is necessary to return to the hearing center to test your hearing and re-adjust the hearing aid once a year.

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