Analyze the function and characteristics of soft and hard ear molds

According to a hearing aid fitter made in China, the ear mold is a special model that is made according to the shape of the user’s external auditory canal and connects the human ear to the hearing aid.The large, medium and small finished earplugs of hearing aids may not be suitable for everyone’s ear canal.When the sealing is not tight, the hearing aid will emit a sharp feedback whistling sound when the volume of the hearing aid is turned up, which will affect the hearing aid effect.The ear mold has the following main functions:

1. Fixed

Generally, ear molds are used in BTE hearing aids to replace BTE earplugs.The ear mold can be used to helpThe hearing aid is more stable on the human ear, preventing the hearing aid from falling off during daily activities.

2. Prevent howling

Because the ear mold is made from ear samples, it matches the user’s ears very well.This guarantees the sealing between the ear mold and the user’s ear canal, which can ensure that the amplified sound of the hearing aid is transmitted directly into the ear, and is not easy to leak out, so as to avoid the impact of acoustic feedback (wheeze).

3. Improve sound quality

We can make up for the lack of acoustic characteristics of the hearing aid by changing the shape of the ear mold and the size of the sound hole diameter, and further improve the sound quality of the hearing aid after amplification.

According to the Chinese hearing aid fitter, ear molds are roughly divided into two types: soft ear molds and hard ear molds

The soft ear mold has a certain degree of elasticity and can change its shape when subjected to force, so that it will not hurt the ears. It is safer to wear and has a particularly good airtightness. However, good airtightness also has certain drawbacks. Good airtightness means airtightness, especially in summer. When it is hot, if you use it for a long time, it is easy to produce sultry heat, so pay attention to wearing it in a timely manner. The soft ear molds are more likely to age and can be used for about half a year to a year.

According to a hearing aid fitting engineer made in China, the shape of the hard ear mold cannot be changed once it is finished. The ear can easily damage the ear due to the force. Moderate to severeHearing loss, And has better durability.

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