【Fitting Class】Causes and solutions for howling of customized machines

The whistling problem of the customized machine is one of the main reasons that affect the user’s satisfaction with the customized machine.In fact, we can find reasons and solutions to improve the wearing comfort of users.Generally speaking, the reasons for howling in hearing aids can be summarized into two categories: one is internal howling and the other is external howling.Let’s take a look together.

XNUMX. Internal whistle

The simple way to check the internal whistle is to plug the sound hole of the receiver and listen for whistle.

Solution: return to factory for repair

XNUMX. External whistle

Usually custom machine whistling is mainly caused by external whistling, and the causes of external whistling are more complicated. Here are some common causes and solutions:

1. The selected power of the hearing aid is not suitable.

Solution: When an optician selects a hearing aid made in China for a hearing aid user, it is best to reserve a fitting range that is about 10dB larger than the user’s real hearing.

2. The hearing aid ear impression is not suitable.

Solution: The ear impression must be full and the second bend must be taken. Pay attention to whether the ear canal collapses. When taking the ear impression of a high-power hearing aid, the user is required to open his mouth and bite the thenar.

3. Improper use of vents.

Solution: Users with severe hearing loss should try not to use vents to avoid howling.Due to physiological decline and other reasons, hearing loss will change, and mild to moderate hearing loss may evolve into severeHearing loss, The former can add vents when needed, while the latter may produce howling after adding vents. At this time, communicate with the customer and block the vents to avoid howling.

Chinese-made hearing aid reminder: In short, there are many reasons for the whistling of customized machines. If each link is not handled well, it may cause the main whistle. Only by paying attention to every detail can the comfort and satisfaction of users be improved.

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