Some tips for “injecting ear ointment” and “removing ear impressions”

Tips for injecting ear ointment:

1. Put the mixed ear impression material into the syringe barrel, remove the gas, and inject the sample paste with the tip of the syringe 0.5-1.0cm deep into the external ear canal.

2. When injecting, lightly press the other hand to the end of the cotton barrier outside the auricle to prevent excessive force, the sample paste continues to extend inward and damage the tympanic membrane;

3. When injecting the impression, the force must be even, without stopping, the syringe needle should be caught in the ear impression material and slowly withdraw, that is, the method of central blooming is adopted, so as to avoid bubbles, layers or sections, etc.;

4. After the ear impression material is injected, let it form naturally;

5. During the process of injecting ear impression materials and waiting for solidification, the user must not speak;

6. Customers can be required to slightly open their mouths and bite their fingers for injection to completely fill the concha cavity.

Tips for taking out ear impressions:

1. After the ear impression material is solidified, it can be taken out, otherwise it will cause the surface to be rough or deformed.

2. Different brands of ear-like ointment, as well as the difference in weather, mixing ratio, etc., have different setting times (usually about five minutes, and the setting is slower in winter than in summer).You can scratch the surface of the ear-like material with your fingernail to feel whether it is solidified.After confirming that it has solidified and formed, you need to lift the auricle, loosen the ear canal, and release the air pressure in the ear canal.

3. Cut out the triangular socket first, and when there is a sense of looseness, move the cut out part to the patient’s face or turn it out gently, and slowly pull it out.If the resistance is high or the ear canal is severely bent during the removal process, the patient should be asked to open the mouth, and use the method of pulling lightly while pausing, and take it out with the tension of the ear impression itself.

4. After the ear impression is taken, the ear canal should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide, in order to quickly eliminate inflammation (the pressure of the injection and injection will cause the ear canal to be red and swollen).It is reminded that when taking a bath or washing hair in the past few days, if the ear canal gets water, it should be wiped dry with a cotton swab in time to avoid inflammation.

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