Wearing hearing aids in both ears is a wise choice for deaf patients

     Human life is inseparable from “feeling.”Pain, hot and cold, and touch are sensations, and sight, hearing, smell, and taste are also sensations.If a person loses these feelings, it will be difficult for him to survive.

     I am a worker who has been helping patients find hearing for many years, so I just want to talk about hearing problems.

    Everyone has only one mouth and one nose, but two eyes and two ears. Why?To answer this question, you might as well do a small experiment.When you cover one eye with your hand and look at the surrounding scenery with only the other eye, and then look at the surrounding scenery with both eyes at the same time, you will immediately feel that your vision is clearer and your field of vision is wider; when you use your hands tightly Cover one ear, listen to the surrounding sounds with the other ear only, and then listen to the surrounding sounds with both ears at the same time. You immediately feel that the sound is much clearer and the sense of three-dimensionality is stronger.This is the function of human eyes and ears.

     Due to various factors, the hearing loss of the ears and the remaining deafness of different degrees, especially infants and young children suffering from moderate to severe deafness, in the age without hearing aids and other rehabilitation measures, they are not “half-talked” when they grow up (speaking vaguely) , Slurred).It is the disabled who are both deaf and mute, which brings pain and torture to individuals and families, and also adds to the burden on society.

     Nowadays, the rapid development of hearing aid rehabilitation disciplines has brought good news to many deaf patients.Infants and deaf children wear them as soon as possible Hearing aid , Can learn and speak like normal children of the same age, go to school, and work without delay; adults who are deaf will wear Hearing aid , Hearing has been improved, the difficulties in life have been overcome, and the troubles of deafness have been got rid of; the deaf of the elderly, wearing hearing aids, can recover their ears, live longer and enjoy life.

     Deaf patients wear hearing aids in both ears to listen better than wearing single ears.As mentioned earlier.The effect of listening to sound with one ear is far better than listening with two ears.Deaf patients who currently come to wear hearing aids must wear both ears as long as they are financially permitted.Wearing hearing aids in both ears not only makes the voice louder, but also makes the speech clearer.It can also identify the direction of the sound source, especially in a noisy environment, and improve the ability to hear clearly; wearing hearing aids in both ears improves the sound quality of listening sounds.And it sounds more natural and full of three-dimensionality, which is quite “embroidered on the brocade”!Wearing hearing aids in both ears can still avoid the loss of hearing sensitivity and functional disuse due to the lack of hearing aids on one side for a long time, so that the long-term unadaptable maladies will occur when hearing aids are worn on the affected ear in the future.

    The advantages of wearing hearing aids in both ears come from clinical practice.Wearing hearing aids in both ears should be a wise choice for deaf patients. (Author: Zhou Wanrong, Beijing Institute of Otorhinolaryngology)

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