When is it appropriate to wear a hearing aid?

If a child is suddenly “deaf”, the impatient parents must be busy inquiring about how to wear it Hearing aid , So that the child can hear the voice as soon as possible and learn to speak early.Hearing aid experts made in China say that, in fact, although hearing aids must be equipped as early as possible, they cannot be “one size fits all”.

The reason is that children’s “deafness” is often divided into two types: curable and incurable.Curable deafness, such as otitis media, ear cerumen embolism, etc., only need to use anti-inflammatory injections or clean the ear canal to get better. Hearing aid , On the contrary, it will cause damage to the child’s hearing.

Especially for otitis media, because the mother’s posture during breastfeeding is improper and the milk flows into the Eustachian tube, the child cannot hear, but the baby cannot speak or express, and it is easy to be mistaken for deafness.

Even if the deafness is incurable, the diagnosis must be clear before wearing a hearing aid.Because children’s expressive ability is weak, it is not easy to cooperate with the examination, and children’s hearing is sometimes fluctuating, and it is not easy to draw conclusions in one examination.Hearing aid experts in China said that parents should take their children for more examinations, and after at least two relevant examinations in a regular hospital, can they decide whether to equip their children with hearing aids.

When wearing hearing aids, don’t just think about beauty. You don’t think your child looks good when wearing a larger hearing aid.In fact, the selection of unsuitable hearing aids will affect children’s hearing and pronunciation.After wearing a hearing aid for 1-2 months, you must go to a hospital or a fitting center to perform a hearing test for timely adjustment.

After wearing a hearing aid, the child will gradually adapt from the silent world to being able to hear the sound. Parents should insist on language training for the child, but do not rush for success. After training, the child usually starts after wearing it for 3-4 months. Learn to speak.

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