What should I do if I do not adapt to wearing hearing aids for the first time?

People with normal hearing will not wear it Hearing aid , It will not produce dependent behavior, because they do not need to get help from hearing aids at all.Some hearing aid users whose hearing loss is not serious are only used in necessary or important occasions (such as meeting guests or hosting certain meetings) Hearing aid , It is not “cannot take it off.”Only those hearing-impaired people who have benefited greatly from the use of hearing aids cannot do without hearing aids. “Cannot be separated” and “cannot be taken off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing condition.

The difference is that some people who use hearing aids for the first time cannot adapt, complaining that the sense of blockage, the sense of foreign body is too strong, and that the sound is not real and clear enough.There are many reasons for this kind of problems: such as improper fitting, poor product quality, high psychological expectations and so on.But the biggest problem is that they lack the necessary fitness training.

Hearing aid experts in China suggest that despite hearing impairment, these patients have been listening with their own ears before using hearing aids, and what they have obtained is “real” auditory information.And wearing a hearing aid, I heard a lot of unfamiliar sounds that I couldn’t hear before, and I couldn’t adapt to it for a while.One of the important ways to solve the problem is to carry out the necessary adaptive training to gradually show the hearing aid effect.The general principle of hearing aid adaptation is: insist on wearing and adapt step by step.

In terms of daily wearing time, it should be from short to long;

From the perspective of volume adjustment, it should be small first and then large;

From the perspective of the use environment, it should be quiet first, noisy, simple first and complex.

After fitting, there is still a process of continuous debugging:

Generally, users who wear hearing aids for the first time need one: audition—-initial adaptation—-adjustment—-re-adaptation—-re-adjustment process to achieve a relatively satisfactory degree. Generally, they need to be separated by one month after the first wearing. Return to the matching center for debugging once every month, six months.In addition, since the hearing level may change due to changes in time and age, in order to keep the hearing aid in the most suitable state for you, it is necessary to return to the hearing center to test your hearing and re-adjust the hearing aid at least once a year.

Such a gradual and orderly progress can help users get through the adaptation period as soon as possible and maximize the effect of hearing aids.Once so, I believe that some of them will also “can’t take off the hearing aids they wear.”In other words, hearing aids will not only not aggravate the original deafness, but will help delay the process of hearing deterioration.

There is one exception-some hearing impaired people use hearing aids that are not suitable for them.If 300-degree myopia wears 800-degree myopia, it is obviously harmful and useless.The same is true for hearing aids.

The auditory system is a complex and sophisticated system. Whether we can hear clearly is related to two aspects:

(1) Whether the performance parameters such as frequency response and loudness control of hearing aids are adjusted properly.

(2) Have a good central speech discrimination ability.

The former is affected by the quality and performance of hearing aids and the excellent debugging skills of the fitter; while the latter can only be improved by continuous adaptation and perseverance training.Partly due to the hearing loss caused by the damage of the inner hair cells of the cochlea and the hearing loss caused by central diseases such as brain constriction in the elderly, it takes a long time to adapt and retrain before it can be gradually improved.

Different solutions for different hearings:

Hearing aids must be reasonably selected according to different hearing loss conditions. The appropriate matching may be difficult to hear and feel very noisy; in severe cases, it may further damage the very precious residual hearing.Especially for children and the elderly, please go to the hearing aid fitting institution of China for hearing aid selection.

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