Hearing rehabilitation program

The first use of hearing aids or the use of new hearing aids requires the establishment of a scientific rehabilitation plan.

First week

Use for one to two hours a day Hearing aid , It is recommended that you use it in a relatively quiet environment at home to be familiar with and distinguish various sounds.

Second week

Use four to eight hours a day Hearing aid .You can put on your hearing aid and go out for a walk in a quieter environment and listen to the sounds around you

Third week

You can use the hearing aid for a long time, now you can enter public places, you can talk to some of your friends or talk to some strangers

Fourth week

Now you are ready to travel: go to another city, go shopping, go to a restaurant, go to a concert or video.Do what you want to do, experience all the sounds in the world again, and you will find a lot of joy in life.

Congratulations on your good hearing!I believe you now have a very ideal hearing ability. This is also the hope and pursuit of our China Hearing Aid (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Your good hearing is the affirmation of our work. The China Hearing Aid wishes you hearing recovery and enjoy the excitement. The sound world!

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