Are you out of the misunderstanding of hearing care?

At present, there are tens of millions of people in the country with hearing loss, but only a few people are aware of the impact of hearing loss on their lives.How people respondHearing lossThere is no clear understanding of how to effectively improve the quality of life.Therefore, scientifically carrying out hearing rehabilitation, getting out of the misunderstanding of hearing health care, and formulating a set of individual hearing solutions are also problems that need to be solved urgently. The phenomena listed below will help you get out of the misunderstanding of hearing health care.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Only the elderly have hearing loss.

Fact: The number of people suffering from hearing problems of all ages in modern society is on the rise. Unhealthy diet, irregular living habits, drug abuse, urban noise pollution, earphones, etc. will all cause hearing loss.At present, the rate of hearing loss among young and middle-aged people has far exceeded that of the elderly, and they are the people who need the right hearing solutions to adapt to work and improve the quality of life.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: If my hearing is not good, I will know it myself

Fact: Not necessarily. Most hearing loss occurs gradually over a long period of time.It is difficult to self-diagnose by your own feelings.Usually when people feel hearing loss in the communication with their friends and family, the loss situation at this time often already has a certain degree of hearing loss. In fact, a very simple hearing test can clearly understand your own hearing condition.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Hearing loss can be cured by medicine

Fact: Hearing loss is divided into conductive, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss.Conductive deafness can be improved by the aid of medication or surgery to some extent, because the language comprehension is not affected, as long as the correct frequency amplification is performed.However, sensorineural hearing loss damages the inner ear or auditory nerve cells, and it is impossible to repair it with the current medical level.If the hair cells or auditory nerve fibers are severely damaged and degenerated, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect even if the frequency is amplified correctly.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Wearing hearing aids will cause hearing loss

Fact: Wearing a suitable hearing aid will not cause hearing loss. Choosing a suitable hearing aid can effectively stimulate the auditory hair cells to make them active and stabilize hearing.Choosing the right hearing aid can also help the brain to resist the deterioration of sound recognition ability, so that it is not prone to problems such as inaccurate sound recognition, deterioration of pronunciation ability, and slurred speech after hearing loss occurs.

Myth XNUMX: Wearing hearing aids will affect my appearance

Fact: Most people’s rejection of hearing aids is that their appearance will be affected. In fact, the appearance of hearing aids is very fashionable nowadays. Digital technology has made hearing aids compact and powerful.Deep ear canal hearing aids are indeed very concealed in appearance, placed in the depths of the ear canal, and BTE hearing aids can also be easily hidden in the hair, so there is no need to worry about aesthetic impact.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Wearing a hearing aid is enough

Fact: If you have hearing loss in both ears and only wear one hearing aid, then it is difficult to fully tell which direction the sound is coming from, or how far away it is from you, and it is difficult to have a good sense of balance.The ear on the other side will also degenerate because it is not used, deepening the hearing loss.Only by listening with both ears at the same time can the sense of hearing direction be produced, and the sound orientation and positioning function can be achieved.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Wearing digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids are actually the same

Fact: Hearing aids currently on the market can be classified into four categories: manual simulation Hearing aid , Manual number Hearing aid , Analog programming hearing aids, digital programming hearing aids.The biggest difference between digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids is that digital hearing aids not only allow you to hear clearly, but also protect your remaining hearing.Digital hearing aids have many functions that analog hearing aids do not.For example, the former can adopt different optimization schemes according to the different needs of customers. The functions of distinguishing speech noise, eliminating howling and reducing environmental noise are all incomparable to analog hearing aids.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: I have retired and don’t work at home, so I don’t need to wear hearing aids.

Fact: Hearing aids are a good helper to help improve the quality of life. Wearing suitable hearing aids can make communication smooth and family harmony.Many old couples who have retired at home have caused many unnecessary family conflicts due to poor communication and mutual suspicion between the two parties. It also makes the children who are still busy, which not only reduces the quality of life in their later years, but also affects them. Family relations.In severe cases, if they do not communicate for a long time, they will become taciturn, and even worse, there is a tendency for Alzheimer’s.

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